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48 hours after iOS 12 launched it was installed in over 10% of iDevices

by Felix Omondi
ios 12 apple iphone

iOS 12, the newest mobile operating system launched Monday, September 17, hit the 10% install mark a little over 48 hours after launch. That is according to the analytics company Mixpanel.

Compared to the predecessor this mobile OS, it is fair to say its uptake has been somewhat slow. Given the fact that in 2017, iOS 11 hit the 10% mark after 24 hours of its launch. In 2016, iOS hit the 14.5% mark within 24 hours.

It will be safe to say that the users are becoming more and more skeptical about installing the new operating system; they avoid being among the first ones. Though frankly, they long to have the OS, they just don’t want to be among the first one to test out all the bugs and kinks that will then be later addressed by an update to make things run smoother.ios 12 apple iphone

Unlike the previous mobile OS launch, Apple assures users it was much keener this time round in checking on all the bugs and kinks that bedeviled the previous launch of new iOS into the market. The fact that so far there have been no reported bugs, we would assume Apple nailed the underlying code in iOS 12.

What comes with iOS 12?

Apple says iOS 12 brings with it significantly increased speed and performance of devices, including the old devices. Therefore user installing the new OS should see a significant improvement in speed and performance.

For instance, the iPhone 6 Plus is said to launch app 40% faster, the keyboard appears up 50% faster, and launching the camera from the lock screen to take a photo happens 70% faster. In iOS 12, animations happen smoother and more responsive. The same thing can be said about accessing the Control Center, scrolling through the apps, or swiping through multiple opened apps. Things feels just more fluid.

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