4Stay Helps Students Find Cheap Rooms Off-Campus Without Lease Agreements

Housing is one of the biggest problems almost every adult has to face around the world. The problem is getting worse in busy cities amid skyrocketing rents, congested spaces and lack of maintenance. Services like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are addressing the problem, but there is hardly any viable solution for off-campus housing for students. Most of the colleges and universities do not offer on-campus housing. If they do, it’s not of quality. Dorms are cluttered. Many students also complain about strict policies of campus hostels.

4Stay is an excellent service specifically designed to solve the problem of student housing. The idea of 4Stay is simple: hosts can list their space on 4Stay app. Students can search for spaces around their location and contact hosts directly. 4Stay was founded by Akobir Azamovich and Faridun Nazarov. They struck the idea of this app after going through the tedious process of finding a good place to live when they were students.


4Stay website is simple to use. I searched for apartments around Berkeley. I found 22 listings. But most of the listings redirect to the website of Homestay, a famous lodging service. 4Stay is partnering with Homestay for online listings.

I didn’t see reviews and ratings of hosts on 4Stay website. They become visible on the redirected page on the Homestay website.

The best thing about 4Stay is that there are no strict lease terms or contracts. You can stay at the rented property for as long as you want. Almost every listing is vetted by 4Stay team, which means the security factor is taken care of. Students can also search for roommates. You can also enlist your property on 4Stay to make money without any costs.

4Stay has a long way to go. It’s competing with behemoths like Airbnb. But the market of off-campus housing is huge. Therefore, growth prospects for 4Stay are pretty healthy.

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