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4th Edition of the Annual AfricaHackon Conference

by Felix Omondi

The real world is increasingly becoming intertwined with the cyberspace. We not only rely on the internet to do accomplish our work or run businesses. We also communicate with our spouse, kids, parents, siblings and friends over the internet.

The cyberspace, though virtual, has become nonetheless real. It is a place where we keep our money and our little dirty secrets. The platform has become so sensitive that one cannot fathom life without all the digital and online conveniences of the 21st century.

However, like many great things come great risks. As much as the cyberspace is becoming a platform of convenience, it also hubs a growing threat of espionage, hackers, malicious attackers and government spies.

In the past few week, thousands of computer users were locked out of their computers by the WannCry ransomware demanding a ransom to free up their digital files. Unfortunately, such attacks are only getting started as more and more criminals discover existing security loopholes in the various software and hardware that run our cyber world.

Criminals are working around the clock to find ways to get access to your online accounts and digital files. Therefore the threat of cyber-attacks is real and ever growing, and there various security experts and organization working to counter them. One being the Africahackon, an annual event brings the best brains in cyber security to hack new solutions to new cyber threats.

This year’s Africahackon themed ‘Re-Purposing Adversary Tradecraft (Defense is Now)’ held in Nairobi, will purpose to counter and stop cyber threats dead in their tracks. The event will be geared towards hacking for defense mechanisms that could be employed by both companies and individuals. The hackathon conference will run for two days, June 23-24 at DusItd2.

In keeping with the Africahackon tradition, the conference will be marked with LIVE demonstrations. The participants will showcase their latest methodologies to counter online adversaries attacking systems or networks.

Security experts at the event will also review some of the past global cyber-attacks and brainstorm on possible solutions. They will be required to demo some of these solutions. The attendees are expected to delve into the following cyber security topics:

Ø The Art of Bootloader Unlocking: Exploiting Samsung Sboot

Ø Breaking the Core (The trouble of Mobile Banking)

Ø This Isn’t a Hack; It’s a Campaign

Ø Hiding in Plain Sight: Dropbox Command and Control

Ø The making of 2017 AH Conference Badge

Ø HoneyHouse: A Damn Vulnerable Home Automation System

Ø Naked in Cyberspace: The Corporate Cyberspace Menace You Don’t Know

The above topics will be demoed live to showcase the real threat of cyber-attacks to companies’ and people’s lives and more importantly, how to overcome them.

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