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Top 5 African Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

by Shirley Schutt

The upside of living in an innovative world is access to cool, functional applications that are designed to make our lives easier and/or feed our narcissistic side.

By now, you should have heard of Instagram and it’s 130 million users, many of whom are Africans on the continent as well as in the Diaspora.

The popular social platform allows any photo enthusiast to share their photos with the world. It’s no wonder why the platform has attracted so many talented photographers and photo enthusiasts to share and create wonderful pieces. The problem with having some many active users is finding creative and well-crafted images amid the duck faces and food shots.

Below is a list of five super talented and creative African photographers to follow on Instagram.

1. Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy


Image taken December 2013  via @africashowboy

Displaying a keen appreciation of light, texture and composition, Ghanaian photographer Nana Kofi Acquah’s Instagram feed offers a delightful and surreal insight into Africa. A former Creative Director turned photographer, Acquah’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe, Africa and United States.  Whether he’s photographing a group of locals playing soccer on the beach or a still life image of stones found on a crosswalk, Acquah’s work show a great understanding of color and affection for his subject. Each image will leave you questioning the story behind the lens.

2. Jane Hahn @janehahn


Image taken May 21, 2013 in Maiduguri, Nigeria via @janehagn

As a freelance photographer based in Dakar, Senegal, Jane Hagn’s images display a quiet sensibility and strength to everyday situations. A professional photographer since 2007, Hahn’s work ranges from news, documentary to everyday life across the continent. Her Instagram feed features carefree perspectives and light to her surroundings. A great source of inspiration, her images ignite a sense of home and love.

3. Charlie Shoemaker @charlieshoemaker


Image taken December 6,2013 via @charleshoemaker

If you’re looking for stunning imagery and a look into the cultural fabric of Africa, Charlie Shoemaker’s feed is your answer. A freelance photojournalist based in Cape Town, South Africa, Shoemaker’s feed shows what can be accomplished with an iPhone and a keen eye. His images range from political turbulence to his travels throughout the continent. Each image regardless of the image are composed beautifully and artfully.

4. Laura El-Tantawy @laura_eltantawy


Image taken on January 23, 2014 near Cairo, Egypt via @laura_eltantawy

Laura El-Tantawy is a Egyptian photojournalist living between Cairo and London. Describing her Instagram feed as a “visual diary, recording random photographic encounters and reflections,” Eltantawy’s images create a sense of wonder and softness. Displaying artistic vibrance and dream-like imagery, her work will have you going back for more.

5. Steven Chikosi @stevenchikosi


Images taken January 2014 via @stevenchikosi

Steven Chikosi is a Zimbabwe based photographer who’s Instagram feed is chalk full of insightful and beautiful imagery of his homeland. Shooting with both a Canon and iPhone, Chikosi expertly crafts each image with honesty and love. His images make great use of composition, light, shadow and display a great sense of maturity and a sense of being.

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