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5 Amazing Books Every Programmer Must Read

by Fahad Saleem

Programming is much more than learning some language syntax and searching emphatically on Google and Stackoverflow to just fix those bugs that prevent you from meeting your deadlines. Programming is a science which has its own dynamics. It should be learnt bit by bit, step by step, deeply and perfectly in order to do it the best way. The biggest complaint of the employers from the software industry is that the fresh programmers lack depth. They don’t know what they are doing. They just focus on running the code, making it work. You hardly get a programmer who understands the gist of the depth and purpose of the programming realm. You need to get deep down to the art of programming and algorithms and you will find a unique trend in this problem solving skill. In order to do that, there are some books which you should read. If you are a programmer or dream to become one, here are the best books you should read.

Best Books for Programmers

The Mythical Man-Month

Since antiquity, man has a knack of building things from scratch and solving problems. We build a trend when we write a program, a routine to solve a problem. The Mythical Man Month was written 30 years ago and it is regarded as one of the programming classics. It gives you the in-depth analysis of programming. You can see how things can go wrong and how you can do the best programming practices after reading this book.

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The Pragmatic Programmer

This book teaches you all the wisdom that is necessary to be a programmer. It shows you how to select programming models, how to separate views and ways to adapt the best practices in coding.  You can also learn a lot about managing code and people from this book. The Pragmatic Programmer shows you the way to solve problems in a practical and sustainable way.

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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

There’s a saying that if you cannot write clean code in compliance with the best practices of software craftsmanship, there is no difference between you and a person who does not know how to code at all. Programming and software engineering is an art which demands perfection. Have you ever accepted a wooden table which has some flaws in it, can’t stand on its legs stable, lacks shine, but still manages to get along and you can keep a few things on it? No. Same is the case with programming. You have to craft a piece of code that is extendable, stable and agile. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship is a book that teaches you all this. It is quite famous amongst software developers who code like they mean it.

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Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

It’s all about Human Computer interface (HCI) when it comes to designing websites, mobile apps and products these days. If you are making the end user think and ponder over how to use your product, you will end up failing your business or company. Don’t Make Me Think is one of the best books every programmer should read. It is loaded with psychological backed best practices that should be kept in mind while designing code, websites, front end, UX, buttons and interface.

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Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual

You love writing code, but hate talking to clients, setting up deadlines, meetings, managing people and branding? Guess what, you have a little chance of making it to the managerial position. Given the fact that you cannot code with the same energy and agility forever, you need to become a manager and grow in your job. For that you have to work on your soft skills, a set skillset which lies at the center of the modern corporate world. This great book shows you how to leave an impression with your branding, talk, blogging, marketing and promotion. It will show you ways to crack meetings and deadlines.  This book also shows best ways to manage finances for the programmers.

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These are the best books every programmer should read. As you can see, most of them focus on the in-depth dynamics of programming. They will refine you in a way unimaginable. You can learn technical, hardcore ways to run those applets and codes on the internet or course books, but the real part which makes you a gem in the software field is hidden in these books. Start from the one which appeals to you the most. Tell us which book you love and share your favorite book names in the comments below.

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