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5 Benefits of Running your Business from Home


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If during the Covid pandemic you decided to move your business to your home address then you made the right decision. The future of many industries is now thought to include working from home. The pandemic proved that you don’t need to be in an office with your colleagues and employees to manage everybody. There are many benefits to running your business from home including most importantly saving money. Take a look below for other benefits of working from home.

Work Around Family

Working from home gives you the chance to work around your family. This means that if you are needed in the mornings and afternoons to drop off and pick the children up then you can do this. If this is the case then you will be able to set up meetings around these times as well, so your children will always have you around when they finish school.

It is a lot easier to juggle work and family life when you work from home. Being in control of your own hours helps as well, as you can ensure nothing clashes with school or after-school clubs for example. Finding the perfect balance between home life and work-life will ensure the right harmony with everything.

The Right Set-Up

When you decide to work from home it is important you don’t add any extra stress to yourself or your family. Try and find an area away from the usual hustle and bustle of the home. This ensures you don’t get easily distracted by noise or the doorbell. You should find the right furniture to fit in with your home office. This should be an ergonomic desk with an adjustable chair to avoid the risk of developing RSI.

You should also make sure that anything you need for your workday is easily accessible. You can invest in some good-quality shelves or racks for your office space. Having an office you can close the door onto at the end of the day will give a smoother transition from work brain to home brain.

Work Your Own Hours

When you are your own boss you have a luxury nobody else has. Choosing to work whichever hours you feel like working. You could get up in the morning to make sure there are no problems with the work or your employees. You could then take a break if you needed to get the kids to school for example. You could then head back to work at lunchtime for a few hours. As long as you are meeting your targets and offering support to your employees as and when needed then you are doing a great job.

It is important to have your phone on during office hours just in case there is a problem that someone can’t solve. Always make your employees aware that if you don’t answer emails it’s because you are away from the desk. However, you can reassure them that you are only a phone call away if it is urgent. This lets them know that you are an approachable boss who deals with issues as soon as they arise.

Pop To The Office

This one might seem strange when it is based around working from home. However, as a business owner, you might find it beneficial to have a virtual office. Having a virtual office gives customers and clients the idea that your company is larger and more successful than it might be. Working from home and having a virtual office saves you an incredible amount of money each month. Renting virtual office space may be great for you and your business, take a look and see if it is something that will fit into your budget.

Stay Fit

Finally, working from home gives you the chance to work out and look after your health and wellness that little bit more. No more sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, you can incorporate short workouts on your breaks. When it comes to sitting for long periods this has never been very good for you, it can lead to weight gain and muscle aches.

Regular workouts also help to reduce the feelings of stress you might be experiencing. This is normal especially as you try and adjust to working from home while managing an entire business. Exercise and stress go hand in hand, in fact, it helps get rid of it and make you feel accomplished and raring to go.

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You don’t necessarily need to have a full-sized gym within your home. You can complete a ten-minute section of a workout DVD or use dumbbells while squatting. If you have space for exercise equipment then you should think about getting a treadmill. These are wonderful for quick workouts and you can burn an insane amount of calories while running.

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