5 Best Apple Watch Games

Apple Watch is about to get rolled out and fans are gearing up and readying for a huge pocket lax to get their hands on the elegant Apple wearable. While Apple Watch is for productivity freaks, email enthusiasts and business persons, it will also feature some fun games. After all, everyone plays games on their devices. Here are some of the best Apple Watch games coming very soon.

Best Apple Watch Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Zombies Run

Zombies Run is a perfect game for fitness enthusiasts. It shows you running in the screen and zombies are after you to push you run an extra mile for your fitness. This game is much awaited on Apple Watch and the wearable device is touted to be a health-centered device.


Rules has ruled the puzzle gaming scene. Designed and developed by TheCodingMonkeys, Rules game is slated to come to Apple Watch as soon as the device gets released. It is one of the coolest puzzle games which requires only tapping and deep thinking. The original game had 16 interface tiles around which you place your cards, but keeping in view the size of Apple Watch, we can say that there will be around 4 tiles.


BoxPop is a chess game which is designed to let the players play their options only in one direct: in the L shape. The game will be a fun for Apple Watch users.


For all the pet lovers, famous Hatchi game is going to hit your wrists very soon. You can pet, bathe and feed your adorable Hatchi just with some taps. Giving the cross platform support and integration of iOS devices, one can save the game progress and play on the other devices. Hatchi is clearly on the best Apple Watch games coming soon.


Letterpad game is another brain-teasing game for smart people. It gives you a 3*3 grid of letters and a hint. You have to complete the word by making necessary changes in the order. It will best one of the best Apple Watch Games for people who love playing educational games and puzzles.


These games will be released as soon as the Apple Watch hits the market. Apple didn’t give pre-loaded games. But the developers will launch these games and you will be able to download best Apple Watch games from App store.

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