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5 Best Apps to Change Photo Backgrounds in Android

by Fahad Saleem

You have a candid photo which is best for going on Facebook or Instagram, but there is one problem. It has something or someone unwanted in the background. No worries! There are some great free apps using which you can change photo background. You can erase background or change it for something else with these apps. Here are the best apps to change background of photos in Android.

Change Photo Background with These Great Apps

Background Eraser and Remover

Background Eraser and Remover is the best background changer app for Android if you want to make your background transparent or just do some simple edits. This app has hundreds of thousands of downloads, and it was launched in September 2015. It has amazing features like Target Area, Target Color and Brush Tool.

Background Eraser

Don’t mix this app with the above one due to almost similar names. With Background Eraser, you can create new backgrounds for your photos quickly in Android, or simply do quick edits to remove anything unwanted from your photo. Background Eraser has an automatic mode using which you can cut objects from your photos based on pixel depth automatically.

Change Photo Background

Change Photo Background is one of the best Android apps to change backgrounds of photos. This decent app lets you do background changes that won’t look awkward. You can remove any background from any photo.  You can not only make backgrounds transparent, but also add new beautiful backgrounds in your photos.

Photo Backgrounds

Photo Backgrounds app lets you cut and remove your photos and backgrounds and use them in other photos. Using the cut photo feature, you can cut photos and use the magnifying glass support to do the job with fine detail. You can also trim edges with this app. Photo Backgrounds app also has a great repository of backgrounds including forests, lakes, Taj Mahal and mountains.


Though not free, TouchRetouch is a great app to change backgrounds of photos in Android. You can literally remove anything – buildings, people, objects, shades, birds, mountains- from your photos using this app which costs around $1.  This process is simple: just highlight and select the areas you want to remove and the app will cut them down and make a new refined, crisp photo for you.

These are some of the best Android apps to change backgrounds in photos. Let us know which one is your favorite and tell us if you know any better app to edit photos.



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