5 Best Apps for Adventurers, Hikers, Vagabonds [No Wifi Needed]

If you have an eager and adventurous soul, you won’t ever be satisfied with a normal 9-5 life. A persistent urge to move will always drive you. But it’s not a good idea to completely disconnect while on the move. There are some apps every adventurer, hiker or vagabond must have. These apps will make your adventures safer, productive and fun.


Cairn is a must-have app if you are planning to hit far flung areas and wildernesses. The app lets you see the places where you will get good Wifi nearby your location, no matter if you have Wifi connectivity or not. Cairn will also let you find your location and exact coordinates by tapping a button in the app. This is handy if you want to send your location to someone in emergency.  There is a “Live Tracking” feature using which your contacts can see your location in a live mode through your GPS location tracking. My favorite feature of Cairn is the ability to quickly check elevation gain and ETA stats for hiking routes and summits.

Gaia GPS

If you are a hiking enthusiast and hungry for new, exciting trails, this app is for you. Gaia GPS app is a treasure trove of all the new hiking trails around you. But this app is costly, and starts from $9 membership fee. You can track and map your trails, track distance, calculate speed and pace while out of cellular range using this app. You can also use markers and pins to make sure you are going in the right direction.

Peakfinder Earth

If you are a fan of knowing the name of the places you explore or visit, especially in the mountainous regions, this app could be extremely useful. Peakfinder lets you the name of mountains and peaks around you. But this app costs around $4 and at least I won’t spend this much money just to know the name of the mountains.


This is a truly useful app for Scuba Divers and swimmers. For any scuba diver, knowing the pressure, depth of water and time spent underwater is of crucial importance. This app shows all the data on the screen, and helps you track everything that is necessary for your safety underwater.

You can also buy a DiveMate Fusion gadget to keep track of all your activities under water and then transfer them to your computer or phone.


Information on US national parks is scarce. If you are an avid explorer of American’s beautiful national parks, download this app. It will tell you everything: nearby bathrooms to nearby points of interests; places full of animals; places where you can eat; dangerous places and more.


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