5 Best Apps for Managing Your Mail Inbox Smartly

5 Best Apps for Managing Your Mail Inbox Smartly

Keeping up with all the emails we receive can be a very daunting task. First of all, there are just so many messages that are sent to our inbox, and then there are different inboxes too: from work, from school and others might be personal. For most people the default email app on your smartphone or tablet works just fine, but if you’re looking for something better, here are some suggestion for Android and Apple devices.

  • myMail: myMail allows users to add all their email accounts to one app. The interface is extremely clean and the messages show avatars of the person who sent the email. The main thing is that it is very easy to use. It uses swiping and tapping to perform most of the task. Swiping left on a message will bring the option to mark it as read or unread, delete it, move it to a folder, etc. If you have more than one email account and enjoy swiping and tapping, then this app is definitely for you. You can download the app for free at Google Play or iTunes stores.

  • Boxer: Even though this app is relatively a new app, it has become popular for a reason. The free version of the app lets you import email from only one account. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it lets you manage all of your messages with only a couple of taps and swipes. Another reason why Boxer stands out is because it is very customizable. You can configure it to delete, move, or mark as read messages with just one swipe. It also sends push notifications. You can get the free version for iTunes by following this link.

  • CloudMagic: This app can best be described as simple yet very powerful. It can control multiple email accounts in one place and allows users to quickly switch between accounts. There is also an “All Inboxes” feature that lets you see all inboxes at a glance. A search engine is available which searches through every single message, so no more browsing through messages to find a particular message. It has a pass code lock, notifications, swipe gestures and more. You can get if fro free from iTunes Store.

  • AquaMail: This app is optimized for both tablets and smartphones. It’s has a very simple user interface and offering of multiple accounts make it one of the best email managing apps. The goal of this app is to be as easy as possible to use. It comes with an attachment section for each email, a smart inbox option and a full screen mode. If you want an app that gets the work done and is simple to use: AquaMail is for you, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

  • Seed Mail: This app is solely designed for performance. It includes integration for Contacts apps, stock Calendar which allows users to manage any meetings and schedules easily. It supports multiple accounts and offers features like voice mail, push notifications, scheduling, pass code lock and more. It is a free app which you can download from iTunes store.


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