5 Best Apps That Help In Exam Preparation

Exams are, unfortunately for many, the centerpiece of the education system around the world. You enroll yourself in a course or a degree program, you have got to prove yourself worth it in exams. There are countless modern strategies to ace exams, be it school exams, college level tests, competitive exams, GRE/GMAT and more. There is an app for everything, right? And exams are no exception. There are many apps which help you prepare for your exams. How? They help you in remembering content, managing exam material, focusing and much more that have to do with your exams. Using these apps you can stand out from others and perform well. Here are the best apps which will help you in exam preparation.

Best Apps for Exam Preparation


Flash Cards are the best tools to remember stuff. Every exam in the world has an element of memorization in it. You have to cram certain things, facts, names, theories to reproduce in your exam. Anki lets you make flash cards of just about anything for better memorization. You can also write formulas, content and theories in the content section, give titles and make mind maps using them. Anki lets you sync your cards across multiple devices. You can add related tags and fields to interconnect topics.


CueCard is another great flash card app to prepare the best for exams. You can add content and make cards. It is a minimal design app which helps you remove the clutter and improve your memory. You can also print the cards for further revision.

StudyMinder Homework System

StudyMinder Homework System is one of my favorite education apps. This is a calendar for your exam and study plans. You have a course to cover, you open this app, plan your schedule, mark deadlines, divide the number of chapters to the remaining number of weeks before the exam and continue to track your progress. It is like a project management tool for students. You can also calculate your GPA, score, take notes and add reminders. You can add multiple courses and plan your moves to ace exams accordingly.

Lucubee Study Assistant

Another flash card tool. This one’s simple and it supports two languages: English and French. You can make quick flash cards by adding cues and content regarding anything you want to memorize.


BenchPrep is a famous online tool which helps students prepare for a vast range of exams like GRE, TOEFL, O/A levels and more. With a lot of tutorials, video lectures, learning tricks and guidance, BenchPrep has managed to garner a massive attention for funders around the world in the educational realm. BenchPrep is available for PC, Android and iPhone.

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