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5 Best Grammar Check Websites and Tools for Free

by Fahad Saleem

Writing impeccable English with flawless grammar is an art, and unfortunately many people do not pay much heed to English grammar while writing. When you write, you must make sure that your grammar is perfect. This is necessary if you want to leave a good impression of your blog, comment, or every your personality. If you are a non-native English speaker, or just want to make sure that anything you write is free of grammatical errors, there are numerous grammar check websites and tools. Thanks to the technological revolution, you can write an article or a comment and use these best grammar checker websites or software to see what and where are the errors in your piece. Let’s see what are the best grammar check websites and tools for free online.

Best Grammar Check Websites and Tools


I have personally used Grammarly tool and it is one of the best grammar check software. If you want a free tool to keep a check on your English writing everywhere – Facebook, Email, MS Word, WordPress – Grammarly is the best option, mainly because of the fact that it has powerful web integration. You can install it on Google Chrome browser and it will highlight your errors and suggest edits almost everywhere you type.


Ginger is another great tool to check grammar online and offline. It keeps showing you grammatical errors and suggest corrections. It has the ability to detect full sentence errors in your articles. I have used this tool and I must say that it is one of the best grammar check websites and tools I have ever used. And it is also free.


GrammarCheck is a great website to check grammar online. You can copy and paste all your written content and it will show you the places which need correction. This website has a “deep check” feature which makes the performance of the grammar checking algorithm more powerful. You can also check spelling and structure of your writing using GrammarCheck website.

Paper Rater

PaperRater is one of the most popular grammar and spelling check tools available online and offline. Its online proofreader is completely free. For more features like deep grammar check and structural English errors, you have to pay a price. This tool awards a score to every “paper” or article or any piece of text based on its performance.

Hemingway Editor

I recently came across Hemingway Editor and its performance is laudable. It highlights errors and alerts you for very small second language detectors to make you refine your English writing. This grammar check tool also has mobile apps.

These are the best free grammar check website and software you can use to improve your blog or general English writing. In case you need good old assignment help you surely can find it online too. Tell us which tool you use to write good English.

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