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5 Best Practices to Manage your Staff


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As a business owner, you probably think running a successful company is more about external factors like pleasing investors and customers. However, how you relate and motivate your employees significantly affects the progression of your company and brand. Remember, your employees keep your business afloat daily and have the power to either bring out the best of it or let it wither. So, you need to pay attention to your staff, and everything else will fall in place.

If you’re a startup business, you’ll soon come to know specific steps you can take to empower and motivate your employees. Still, there are standard ways to encourage employees no matter the company, like timely payments. Ergo, it’d be wise to use bookkeepers services to help you maintain payroll and accurate financial records for effective management.

Starting a business is undoubtedly challenging – more so when you don’t know how to manage your staff. Of course, you’ll hear different methods that worked for other companies, but, bear in mind that none of these will work if you don’t personally understand your employee’s requisites. After all, you’re the boss, and you’re in a better position to do right by your staff.

Fair and Square Pay

Frankly, the money an employee earns is the greatest motivation to show up and show out in their work. You need to understand that your employees have families, dreams, and goals to accomplish, and their work facilitates these. Hence, it’d be helpful to support them by paying them salaries that match their skills and job description to avoid meager salaries.

Additionally, ensure your female staff doesn’t feel unvalued by offering the same pay as their male counterparts. This will set a precedent that in your company, employees are equal, eliminating strained relationships in the office.

Besides, being a fair employer will influence discipline and loyalty which will increase employee productivity in the long haul.

Offer Regular Training

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The job market is ever-changing, with new skills dominating others. Training is a practical way of allowing your employees to learn and acquire sought-after skills to compete with the market. By extension, your company will benefit because it’ll be the first place your employees will use these new skills.

Consider focusing on employees that need more improvement in their performance. One excellent way to do this is by monitoring your staff’s performance to determine who needs what. Don’t micromanage your team, instead engage your staff regularly for real-time evaluation.

Moreover, training should aim to improve your staff’s weaknesses to increase productivity and scale up your company.

On the flip side, training can also be about social matters like relationship building and sexual misconduct. This is because social conditioning is an essential training that shapes your employees to be upstanding professionals. In many ways, this will strengthen your brand and portray your company positively to the public.

Paid Furloughs

Occasionally, employees need off-days to get their affairs in order or take some much-needed rest. However, this shouldn’t be a concern for your business because, essentially, your employees will only need a couple of days to regroup and resume work more assertively and capable.

Paid furloughs are a premise for your staff to form a strong bond with their work. You need your employees to love their job so they can work efficiently to yield significant results. For this to happen, you’ll need to support your staff through simple ways like paid leaves to facilitate their needs.

Furthermore, your female employees will need significantly more off-days than their counterparts due to the differences in their anatomy and requirements. Therefore, it’d be best to offer your female employees regular paid leave of absence, so they don’t feel pressured to resume work before they’re ready.

Although a rare practice, your employees, particularly female employees, will appreciate your efforts and, in return, work more efficiently.

Diverse Incentives

Jobs can be unpredictable – one day, everything is going well, and the next, your employees can’t seem to be productive. In such cases, your staff needs inspiration to work through the funk and get things done through incentives like awards, bonus pays, and so on.

Incentives are an excellent way to promote a cohesive working environment since your employees will want to receive their bonuses. Hence, eagerly working towards company goals.

Mull over incentives like end-year bonuses that’ll thrust your employees into working harder for greater results. Also, consider perks you could offer best-performing employees like a fully paid vacation or a ticket to their favorite game. All of which will influence your employees to enhance work performance.

Keep in mind that each incentive may attract a different performance, so it’d be best to offer compelling incentives that promote positive competition in the company.


The key to high-performing employees is promotions. Because promotions offer better pays, more opportunities, and high allowances, employees will want to impress you for a chance to move up the ladder. This is your golden opportunity to boost productivity actively.

Consider a standard rewarding promotion like a higher rank with fewer responsibilities. This guarantees your employees a chance to earn more while working less.

However, the contrary is still viable, especially if your business isn’t in a position to offer such promotions. Instead, consider promotions that come with more responsibilities.

Surprisingly, your employees could equate more responsibilities to power, motivating them to work that much harder.

Again, it’d be best to be overtly unbiased in employees’ promotions by emphasizing women’s promotions. Because most women feel overlooked and underappreciated, putting your women employees on the front line of promotions will alleviate these feelings.

Nevertheless, you risk seeming biased by promoting women merely for the fact that they’re women. It’d therefore be wise to promote your female employees based on their performance, experience, and skills. In return, you’ll empower your staff and allow them to showcase their talents without fear of favor.

Your employees should be your primary responsibility if your goal is to build a successful and reputable business. Remember, whatever you put in, you get out, and your staff is your pillar to a strong business. With that said, it’d be smart to use the above insights for effective employee management.

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