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5 Best Stands for iPad

5 Best Stands for iPad

It’s always easy and productive to use an iPad by placing it on stand. You can watch movies, type easily via external keyboard, edit documents and do other useful tasks this way. There is a plethora of iPad stands in the market. Here are some of the best and affordable iPad stands you must look at before making any buying decision.


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Motorola Universal Flip Stand ($9.99)

It acts as a stand for smartphone as well as for tablets. It might not be most gorgeous looking stand, but it provides you the convenient place to place your iPad. You can enjoy playing games with your wireless gaming pad connected to your iPad, or watch movies while sitting back on plush sofas. The stand will offer great support to your iPad. It carries a versatile yet simple design.

Belkin FlipBlade ($29.99)

It is quite a user-friendly stand when you are traveling and looking to place your iPad at some safe place. It was originally released as an iPad 2 accessory. It can be easily adjusted to any angle you desire. It contains four different angle settings that will cater for all types of iPad users, depending on your requirements.

AmazonBasics Portable Fold-Up Travel Stand ($8.99)

It is a rather unique kind of iPad stand by Amazon itself. The third party stand makers would love to replicate such a design. It is a simple plastic-made stand that folds out to hold your iPad. The only problem is that it is a bit large and is suited for large-sized iPads. The adjustment for the angle is also limited. You can’t give a steep angle for typing. The fold-up mechanism alone makes this stand really worth considering.

Ten One Design Magnus ($19.99)

This iPad is for those users who love simplicity in designs, but still have some

elegance. Ten One Design Magnus is simply superb as it uses magnets to prop up your phone. It offers the minimalistic design that hides the stand almost completely. You will not even notice the stand itself. However, one drawback of this stand is that you cannot adjust the angles at all. You are stuck with only one viewing angle. It is still awesome for delivering presentations.

Twelve South’s Book Arc ($30)

It is perfect for using on a tabletop surface. It really helps you when you are having a video chat or watching your favorite movie in landscape mode. It is a great option when you are using an iPad compatible keyboard. It lies a little bit on bulkier side.

It must be difficult now for you to make a choice among these 5 best stands for iPad. You have option to buy from the cheap ones with simple designs to slightly expensive ones with stylish designs and extraordinary features.


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