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5 Best Tools for a Marketing Team Success


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Marketing is one of the most important departments in any business. Without your marketing team, you would never be able to promote your products and find success. Marketers work really hard to get your company and brand noticed, but doing this job without any tools is almost impossible.

In today’s day and age, every marketing team is using tools to improve their strategies and make their jobs easier. So if your marketing team doesn’t use any technology, they will be left behind. That is why we made this list of the best tools every marketing team needs for success.

Contractor management tool

Your team wouldn’t be able to function without contracts which are crucial for building and maintaining a healthy business relationship. But you will need great contractor management software if you want to organize your contracts, collaborate with contracted employees, and more.

Here are a few benefits you will see if you use a contractor management tool:

  • Improved compliance. With the right tool in place, you can ensure contract accountability where critical terms can’t be deleted and only authorized personnel can edit the document. This will allow you to stay compliant from request to approval.
  • Reduced risk. Since you will have improved compliance and enforce all the terms and conditions that are specified in the contract, you will also reduce the risk of any regulation or policy violation.
  • Simplified document management. There is no need to take up a lot of your office space with messy file cabinets filled with contracts. Your team can simply scan documents and upload them into the system where they will be stored safely.
  • Keeping up with renewal dates. You can set up alerts on your software for when a contract is about to expire, which will improve your awareness of renewal dates. By doing this, you can ensure you always take the appropriate measures when it’s time to renew or void a contract.

Email marketing tool

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While there are many different types of marketing, email marketing is one of the top choices for most businesses. It has great ROI, a lot of customers use it as their main communication tool with businesses, and 89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads.

To truly harness the power email marketing can offer, you can’t just send regular emails and hope for the best. Instead, you need to invest in email marketing software that will allow you to segment your lists, increase your audience, and gain more revenue.

There are many different email marketing tools on the market and the one you choose will depend on what you’re looking to achieve. Some tools will help you attract more leads, while others will help you construct the perfect emails and more.

However, no matter what email marketing tool you choose, you also need to have a reliable email parser. It can be used to organize purchase orders as well as invoices, which allows you to financially manage your business with ease.

This tool can also help salespeople understand deliverables and what their company needs. It allows you to backup all of your emails to Google spreadsheets, export data and contact information, and more.

Communication tool

A good communication tool will help your team always be on the same page and connected at all times, no matter if you have an in-house team or a remote team.

A communication tool allows for instant messaging and chatting between employees, either one-on-one or in a group setting. It also gives them the ability to share content and knowledge easily as well as brainstorm ideas.

One of the best and most popular communication tools for businesses is Slack. It’s used by over 600,000 organizations. It works similarly to Facebook Messenger, but it has some additional features that make it great for businesses and integrations with other work tools such as Google Docs, for example.

Project management tool

It’s always important to keep track of projects and tasks, as well as set deadlines and know which team member is responsible for what. This is exactly what a project management tool will help you do.

One of the most common choices for teams worldwide is Trello. This project management tool doubles as a productivity tool and it provides you with a visual way to manage all of your projects and ensure things are always on track.

It’s a highly customizable tool that uses boards to organize different tasks, allows you to assign people to tasks, and sets deadlines on projects.

Video conferencing tool

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Virtual meetings have become much more common since the start of the pandemic, so a lot of companies started using tools that allow them to hold video conferences. While many communication tools have a video call option, it’s best to use a tool that is only meant for video conferencing.

A good choice for this is Zoom. You can use it to video chat one-on-one or for conference calls, it has great video quality, it gives you the option to record your calls, and much more. However, if you don’t need something as advanced as Zoom, you can stick to Skype or a similar tool.

Remember that every company has different requirements, you just need to know how to select the right software for your business.

Final thoughts

Your marketing team shouldn’t be left without any tools and software. Otherwise, it will never be able to reach its full potential and bring you as much business as you need. But if you implement the tools you read about here, you will find that working and collaboration will become much smoother.

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