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5 Brilliant Features of HTC One M8

by Fahad Saleem

5 Brilliant Features of HTC One M8

Innovation is not just about technology, but to improve the everyday life and bring such convenience to users that they never had before. HTC One M8 is the finest Smartphone ever made. HTC has raised the flag by bringing this innovative phone to face marketing. It is the supreme edition to HTC One M7, which was declared as the best phone for 2013. The outstanding features and quality level of HTC One M8 have pushed many parallel released Smartphone into trouble. Along with the sophisticated looks, this phone is delighted with many features that will catch your eyes and you probably ought to buy this phone. This article will let you know about 5 most enchanting features of the phone.

Motion Launch:

Now you don’t need to slide the answer button, the call will be responded automatically just by lifting the phone to your ears.

htc m8 2

Camera features:

Despite of increasing the number of pixels, HTC has turned the pages to camera innovation by increasing the size of each pixel. This approach will let you catch images with profound clarity, even in the dark nights. These larger area pixels, which HTC has called the ‘Ultra pixels’ are twice the size of average pictures and are able to trap 300% more light to illuminate  your imaging experience. HTC has used a dual lens camera, a 4.1 Ultrapixel camera and a secondary lens, specifically used to measure the depth of images.

Sometimes it happens, you take picture, but the snap doesn’t define the real color tone. HTC has fixed this by adorning the flash with two distinct color LEDs. The yellow and white LED flash  affects the photo and brings to you in the natural color tone.

htc m8 3

Image editing:

With the M8, you can experience brilliant image editing features.

  • Fore grounder:

This cool option gives you the advantage to alter the backgrounds of the picture. You can also change the season.

htc m8 5


  • Ufocus:

Just focus on what’s worth for you in the picture. After taking the snap you can blur out the unwanted element.

htc m8 7 htc m8 6


  • Copy and paste:

You can change the position of picture elements by simply copy and pasting them.

htc m8 8


  • Dimension plus:

By tilting the phone to different angles, a unique image result is achieved.  This also helps the camera to capture complete 180° x 360° panoramas.

htc m8 9

Swipe to activate the lock screen

The One M8 allows a quick set of lock screen gestures. You can double tap the screen to unlock it. Similarly swipe right to launch BlinkFeed, swipe left for opening the widget panel and swipe down to open HTC’s voice dial. These gestures work only if the phone is in unlock state and hold in a portrait position. Also a shortcut button is given on the right hand side of the device to access the camera without unlocking the screen.

htc m8 10

Quick customization:

The One M8 quickly deals with the settings. You can on and off the functions with just one tap. You can customize the functions by clicking the edit icon, present at the top right of the screen. You can see the three horizontal lines in front each function. Tap and hold these lines to edit them quickly.

htc m8 11

The One M8 features do not end here! There is a lot in this phone to consider further.



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