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5 call center trends to elevate your business

5 Call Center Trends to Elevate Your Business

Experts say that automation could replace up to 45 percent of functions that employees are currently paid to perform. But while automation has become a big part of the customer experience, it hasn’t replaced the importance of other call center software. For automation to work, customer data needs to first be collected and analyzed. And when customers can’t find the answers that they need through the automated process, they still need a live agent’s help.

Call centers solve this problem. Acting as a barrier between automated functions and customer interactions, they help you answer client questions while also helping businesses manage client data. Keep reading to learn more about the call center trends that could help you elevate your business.

1. Conversational Commerce

While providing customer service may be a key goal of call centers and call center software, today’s tech helps call centers to perform double duty: answering customer questions and gathering important information that can be used to boost sales.

One trend that’s doing just that has been dubbed “Conversational Commerce.” This function allows for automated customer service through chatbots that answer questions in real-time while customers shop. These bots also perform predictive marketing by studying shopping habits and providing suggestions based on those to increase sales in a more natural way.

2. Smarter Call Routing

As we become more dependent on technology, we also become more demanding of it. For that reason, smarter call routing is poised on the horizon. Like Conversational Commerce, intelligent call routing gathers customer information, like a client’s history, product preferences and buying habits as they browse, shop or otherwise interact with your business. This information is then used to route calls and other inquiries better to reduce manpower needed for live-agent routing and to improve the overall customer experience.

3. Automated Analytics

The call centers of yesterday relied on a traditional office hierarchy to track agent performance and customer satisfaction. But just as artificial intelligence is changing the way that customers interact with call centers, it’s also changing the way that call centers analyze their own work.

Before, call center supervisors would screen and evaluate the performance of their team. Now, automated analytics — through call and screen recordings, chats and more — allow for a dashboard-style evaluation of a call center’s performance. This also makes it easy to look at customer satisfaction with their interactions with your business, as well as their overall satisfaction with their purchases.

4. Omnichannel Communications

Customers once interacted with businesses on only one channel. These days, the opportunities for interactions are seemingly endless. Customers shop on websites, they follow businesses on social media and they can even receive texts about the latest deals and updates. And of course, they still shop in-person in retail locations.

Omni-channel call center software allows businesses to track those interactions as a whole. This means they take a look at a customer’s entire experience with the business, regardless of where individual interactions took place.

5. Cloud Migration

Another call center trend that’s changing the game for businesses is cloud migration. By moving analytics to the web, business owners and managers can access and process this information from anywhere. This means more collaboration across channels, which leads to improved customer service.

Improving the Customer Service Experience With the Help of New Call Center Trends

Call centers have come a long way from cubicle phone monitoring. The latest trends, like cloud migration, omnichannel communications, automated analytics, smarter call routing, and conversational commerce are working together to improve the customer experience. Staying up to date on the latest trends can not only help businesses improve customer relations, but also cut costs and streamline operations.

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