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5 Easy Steps to Get Popularity on YouTube


YouTube is a platform that can give your company a marketing boost if you know how to utilize it correctly. Millions of people are on there every day, watching videos. You need them to watch your offerings if you hope to get them to buy your goods and services.

Getting noticed on YouTube is not as challenging as you might think. There are some popular strategies you can use, and we’ll go over some of them here.

Buying Engagement Numbers

On YT, popularity, or perceived popularity, matters a lot. For instance, if you have more likes, comments, watches, and followers, then the algorithm will keep your video offerings at the top of the search engine rankings. That’s how you attract an organic following. 

If you’re unaware, you can buy video engagement packages through companies like VideosGrow. When you buy real YouTube views and followers and likes, it’s a way of inflating your numbers so that your videos are easier to find.

Then, an organic following will come to you. This is a practice many companies do, even the biggest and most prominent ones. Some of them spend thousands of dollars buying views and likes, and that’s how they get started on social media.

It’s not unethical to do so. Just think about it as a little boost to get you started in the right direction.

Use Different Social Media Platforms to Get Noticed on YT

You might use other platforms besides YouTube if your market research determines that it is warranted. For example, you might choose to use:





At Pinterest, you can see an example of how the company Videosgrow is using Pinterest for promotional purposes. 

There are many other social media channels that you can utilize, as well as the ones we mentioned. Figure out where your target customers hang out, and then create profiles for those platforms.

When you do so, one of the ways that it helps you is that you’re creating a network of social media profiles that all tie into one another. You probably have a company website, and you make that a part of your network as well.

The idea is to spread yourself out across these different platforms to make your company as visible as possible. Someone might come upon your Twitter profile, and that leads them to your YouTube videos. They might find your Pinterest account and go from there straight to your website.

The trick is to spread out through different platforms, yet not spread yourself too thin. You only want to use multiple platforms if you can be sure you’re producing amazing content on each one.

You Need to Create Fantastic Content

Speaking of amazing content, another surefire way to get your YT channel noticed for all the right reasons is to create videos that you’re sure many people will want to see. The real trick is figuring out what kind of content your following is going to love.

As you’re trying to come up with video ideas that will thrill your audience, ask yourself what questions they want answered. What’s going to interest them? You might focus on content that:

Covers new ground that others in your niche haven’t talked about yet

Introduces them to new concepts related to your niche

Encourages them to better themselves or broaden their horizons

You’re trying to produce content that is as engaging as possible. What exactly that will be is going to vary depending on the area on which your business is focused.

Trying to Go Viral

Another method of YouTube popularity would be trying to come up with a video that’s going to go viral. Doing so, however, can prove to be quite a challenge.

It’s a given that if you’re making videos about baking, then those who like baking are going to stop by to see what you have to say. Going viral, though, is about making videos that are so popular that even all the non-bakers are going to watch.

Going viral means coming up with content that appeals to those within your niche, but also outside of it. You’re attempting to dream up some content that isn’t just great but is also universal.

It’s not easy. If there were some formula for going viral, then every video would be able to do it. 

It’s helpful to have everyone in your office, or at least on your creative team, come up with lists of possible video ideas that they feel have the best chance of tapping into that viral formula.

Then, you can narrow the selection to what you feel are the top contenders.

Make Topical Videos

One video strategy you can take on YT is to create offerings that you feel will withstand the test of time. That might mean making a video that will be as relevant in three years as it is the day you post it.

The other way that you can do things is to come up with video content that feels very current. What you must do is look at the intersection of the material that you usually create and current events. How does one relate to the other?

You need to try and use current events and optimize your videos with keywords related to them. The YT algorithm will pick up on that, and when people search for those terms, your videos will come up. It’s a way to seem “of the moment.”

You then appear to be a company that focuses not just on one particular, limited area. Instead, you’re interested and engaged in what is happening in the world.

Creativity helps with YT videos, as does boosting your engagement numbers to get the ball rolling. Video quality counts for a lot, as does creating content that’s going to enthrall your followers.

Try to come up with content that’s too fascinating to stop watching. Every time someone watches only a few seconds of your video and switches over to something else, it can hurt your ranking position.

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