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5 Emerging IT Trends Battling the Pandemic


With the global economy losing over $4 trillion owing to the complications the came along with the pandemic, a majority of industries find themselves in a dire need to adapt to the changing customer preferences or perish to the inability to do so. There are businesses that found it tough to adapt to the post COVID new normal and risked survival; there also exist businesses that made a fortune in the very same period. Isn’t this ironic to find such different outcomes to the same external stimuli?

Let’s study 5 business trends that were brought forward, due to COVID to look at some examples of the irony above:    

  • Entertainment Industry has seen tectonic shift from going out to watch a movie at a particular place and time to having them all available right on your mobile phone, through an array of OTT platforms that offer content across genres, geographies and languages, at all times. What started in Indian metros with a ratio of of 9 OTT users for every hundred in mid 2019 has soared beyond 78 in mid 2021.
  • Online daily essential (hyper local) marketplaces have been forecasted to cross $3Bn sales this fiscal, over 76% y-o-y increase. The privilege of getting your daily quota of grocery quality checked and delivered right to your home, adds value to the user’s life.  What seemed fancy a couple of years ago, is now a necessity.
  • Evolution of IT: To support the changing ways of life, a digital transformation company provides the necessary resources and infrastructure to help businesses upgrade to the latest trend. Companies specializing in IOT (Internet of things), Cloud app development, staff augmentation services, data based research and continuous improvement have gained traction with the need to forecast and prepare for the upcoming.
  • Banking: Banks over the world are plagued with the need to change the products as per the digital platform. Over the past couple of years, the share of services offered by banks through the digital channel has increased rapidly. While the conventional banking system of visiting the branch for the majority of services is still required for certain services, the digital channel looks to replace it completely over time. Moreover, it would be a key strategic decisions for banks about the underutilized real estate, no longer needed that much.
  • Proliferation of Marketplaces:  With the onset of convenience of being able to order food online, there has been an unprecedented growth in number of platforms offering services and products that add value to daily life. Right from primary services like grocery, dairy, laundry etc. to more complex functions like insurance, investments and crypto currency, we have recently come across options to choose from.

While it is evident in our study that the role of IT has been the key differentiator in explaining the anomaly in discussion, it becomes imperative for businesses to adapt to the changing times that demand digital preference like never before. Digital transformation companies like Techahead, offer a one stop solution to businesses of varied appetite. Having served over 600 clients across United States and India, right from working on MVPs (minimum viable product) to bespoke products for large scale enterprise management, Techahead has a portfolio of happy customers across geography and industries.

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