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5 Great Tips For Smart YouTube Marketing

4) Where to Buy YouTube Views?


YouTube is the top video-sharing platform in the world. Every day thousands of videos are uploaded on the platform. To perform YouTube marketing successfully there are several aspects of the platform that you must gain control over. Youtube provides a great opportunity for marketing with its large user base. To navigate through YouTube marketing you have to make great content and employ key strategies. For a successful marketing campaign, you need to have a wider reach on Youtube than that of an average YouTuber. In this article, we have covered some of the methods which can help you get popular on YouTube

1. Focus on Title and Thumbnail

Whenever people search for videos to watch on YouTube the first thing they see are the title and the thumbnail. Creators who have been able to nail these to perfection have managed to get popular on YouTube. The title and thumbnail should be attractive enough to get more people to view your content. For the perfect Title, you have to start by searching for the keywords of your videos which will make it easier to find. The titles should be kept short and descriptive. Try to make your titles clear to make them easily understandable for the average viewer.

When we talk about thumbnails, you should make them visually pleasing. The thumbnail should be a high-quality picture that can capture what your video is about. If your thumbnail is visually striking it will get more viewers to your videos. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is the best one for Youtube. If you manage to get the perfect title and thumbnail for your videos, you will have a wider reach on Youtube.

2. Build your audience

Youtube has a diverse audience. You can easily find the type of audience which will like to watch your videos. The key task of any creator on Youtube is to identify their audience. Understanding your audience unlocks many utilities for your channel. It allows you to curate targeted content along with finding the best ways to engage with your audience. Once you find the target audience for your channel you should employ it in your marketing strategies.

Post videos when the majority of your audience is online on the platform. Being consistent with your audience is one of the keys to having a successful channel on Youtube. Once you find your ideal audience and start targeting them, it becomes much easier to get popular on Youtube. Finding your audience and targeting them rather than trying to target all of the uses on Youtube is a smart way to gain a wider reach on Youtube. You can even use some of the best YouTube automation tools to get the desired results.

3. Use Call To Actions

Many users face the problem of getting their viewers to engage with the videos. A big reason for this is that many of the viewers don’t consciously remember to like, comment, and subscribe to videos. Call to action or CTAs help creators to drive up their rate of engagement.

You can employ CTAs as graphics in your videos or you could just ask your viewers. Employing CTAs at the beginning and the end has been seen to be the most effective for getting popular on YouTube. You should be very clear in your CTAs. explicitly state what you want your viewers to do such as like, subscribe, comment, etc.

4. Try cross-platform promotions

To get popular on YouTube you cannot stay limited to only that platform. Using other social media sites to your aid will help you to get a wider reach on youtube. Promoting your YouTube content on social media platforms allows it to reach many more people than it did on YouTube. You should look to attach the link to your videos in the bio of your other social media accounts. When new videos are posted you can ask your followers on other social media platforms to watch the video by providing them with the link. Instagram stories are a great way to promote your videos. If you want to get popular on Youtube, you have to start using other social media platforms.

5. Create your brand

You have to try to create your brand through YouTube. You should have a distinct profile picture that separates you from the rest of the creators out there. If you are a company, you can use your logo as the profile picture. To get popular on youtube, you should create visual branding on your videos. Try to follow a color scheme for your videos to make them distinct. Including the links of your other socials also helps to create a distinct brand which gets you a wider reach on Youtube.


Youtube has great marketing potential. There are several tricks to unlocking the full potential of YouTube marketing which have been discussed in this article. This article serves as a guide to help you get popular on Youtube and improve your marketing campaign with time.

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