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5 Innovations Created by Students


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Students are taught to use their knowledge to provide solutions to the communities where they live. Many of them have started the journeys of innovation while still in college, resulting in some of the most innovative products. Get a do my paper online professional to help with homework so that you can dedicate more time to that idea you are developing.

Some of the biggest brands in the world started from college dorms. Today, new ideas are also coming out of different schools, regardless of the grade. Some are developing innovative projects in college while others are still in high school. Here are innovations created by students in the last few decades.

1. Baby Saver 2000

The death of children in hot cars is traumatizing. More than thirty-seven such cases are reported in the USA each year. The problem is huge in the southern region where temperatures are unbearable, especially during summer. The trouble is that if the temperature outside the car is just 80 degrees, it will take an hour to push the temperature inside the car to more than 123 degrees. Any child in such an environment will be baked to death.

What if there was a way that the vehicle owner would be alerted of the rising temperatures? Can the people around get a signal that something is wrong to prompt intervention? What if the doors and windows would open when the temperature starts to climb? These were the questions on the minds of Mason Covington and Tyler Duke.

Tyler and Mason were students of Beebe Junior High School in Arkansas when they developed the Baby Saver 2000 in 2017. They developed a detector that is attached to the car seat. It records rising temperatures to alert the vehicle owner when it is about to be unbearable for humans. The monitor will also take the temperature of the child to send a more accurate signal. It pushes the car alarm to call for attention and will eventually open the windows. It is amazing the kind of solutions high school kids can bring to a world that is dominated by adults.

2. Animal Detector

4 billion was spent repairing damages and compensating motor vehicle owners for damages caused by animals. The animals are usually running from wildfires or predators. While many other companies had developed animal detection systems, their effectiveness on highways was in question.

The detector is installed along the fence next to the highway. It senses an approaching animal from more than 100 feet. It will cause the fence to strobe, sending a signal to motorists on the road. The driver can slow down or be cautious enough to avoid a damaging collision.

The animal detector runs on solar power. It is, therefore, energy-efficient while preventing the many losses associate with highway accidents. It is a very simple innovation that is saving the lives of people, animals, and preventing property damage. The project was developed by Kaika Burk, Anna Burger, Christian Watson, and Kaybree Raisor from Snow Flake Junior High in Arizona.

3. Shower Vending Machine

Two Students from Golfport High School in Mississippi were brainstorming about future projects. Among the most common themes during such events is the comfort of homeless people. The brainstorming as part of the National Technical Honor Society. The team found a lot of resources available to the homeless. Among these resources were soup kitchens and weather shelters.

The team discovered that shower was only available once a week. The shower was then limited to a specific time between 8.30 am and 11.30 am. It means that a student would have to miss school to take a shower. Such inconvenience makes the situation worse.

Patrick Kamacho and Jendayi London decided to improvise a personal hygiene item in the name of a shower vending machine. The machine dispenses personal hygiene items like soaps and tissue. It also provides secure shower stalls for the homeless. It is mobile and runs on solar power.

4. Drones in Agriculture

Drones have already been deployed in warfare and photography. Their application in agriculture is, however, limited yet has the potential of transforming the entire industry. Elexus Johnson and Eric Crane from Gering High School in Nebraska decided to use more drones to make agriculture more productive.

Their trouble with current machine application in agriculture was the wastage resulting from a blanket spray of pesticides. Most of the fertilizers and pesticides went to waste in the soil and air. According to the two innovators, a drone would deliver better results. In 2016, they developed technology that would allow drones to detect the pesticide and water needs of each plant. Through the specific application, the two reduced wastage resulting from blanket spraying and irrigation.

5. The Lean Mean Graphene Machine

The idea was developed by two students from the University of Illinois. The invention resulted in a special coating on plastic pipes that helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. From the invention, power plants will reduce their carbon footprints.

The invention caught the attention of the world because there has been little focus on green energy around power plants. With the last power plant in the US having been built in the 1970s, attention has diminished. The idea was validated when it won the Shell Ideas360 competition.

Over the decades, students have led the way in developing the best solutions for different industries. Their solutions are phenomenal because they focus on issues that a lot of people do not give attention to. It gets better when the innovators are in junior high, giving them a lot of leeways to develop more interesting products.

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