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5 Innovative Ways To Use Text to Speech in Business


Back in the old sci-fi novels of the 1960s, speech recognition and text-to-speech technology were painted as robotic and out-of-touch. While there was a certain degree of usefulness, it was mostly reserved for the tech sector, not for your average everyday business. However, modern speech recognition has proven that text-to-speech technologies can prove a powerful tool with a myriad of real-world applications in business. Each of these uses can help any business, large or small, to reach greater levels of productivity. They may even lead to greater sales and more easily defined successes. Ready to step into the future? Let’s take a look at 5 innovative ways in which anyone can use text-to-speech in business.

Utilize Automatic Transcription Services

While not every online text to speech converter will offer automatic transcription services, those that do are worth checking out. The reason? Running a business often involves doing a myriad of things all at once, oftentimes with limited help or resources. When you’re spread too thin, productivity and efficiency can take a massive hit. Unfortunately, hiring a new employee isn’t always in the budget. By using speech recognition and ai voice generator, you don’t have to hire anyone new. Instead, you can convert audio and video into the accurate text to help automate time-consuming processes such as:

Processing and analyzing complaints

Call categorization

Repeat call analysis

Analysis of demographics

Legal compliance

Suddenly, many of these duties are taken off of human shoulders, lightening staff workload and upping overall productivity.

Understand Your Customers

Your business often depends on your unique relationships with your customers. A bad relationship or opinion from a customer can be detrimental to your overall sales. Most misunderstandings stem from the inability to interpret how your customers actually feel. With speech recognition, you can easily interpret what your customers are saying about a product, service, or business by having in-depth data mining on all recorded phone calls. This can paint a more realistic view of how your customers actually feel about your business on a whole.

Maximize Your Customer Support Process

Text-to-speech allows you to process emails, chats, or complaints into an easy to hear the audio file. These can be analyzed and broken down to help you as a business better understand your customers. Additionally, it can provide information on how to best interact with customers and pinpoint issues employees may experience in engaging. This allows you to optimize the customer support process and better serve consumers. A great text-to-speech platform can help to pick up on tone and the overall vibe of a complaint, something simply reading an email or chat box in your head simply cannot do.

Write Memos and Emails With Greater Accuracy

Ever re-read an email you already sent only to cringe with how it may have come across? With text-to-speech and speech recognition, you can easily input any memo or email into the platform to discern how it sounds out loud. Simply listening to how your words come across can be a valuable tool in building your brand and your report with those you interact with most often. Additionally, you can use text-to-speech to craft informative training videos with voice-overs or to simply keep track of ideas. 

Garner Data On Customers

In business, data is everything. With speech recognition technology, you can perform in-depth data mining on any audio file to identify demographic information on your customers. This includes factors such as gender, age, accents, emotion language, speech patterns, and even education. This information is valuable in launching targeted marketing campaigns, creating better store displays, and improving overall sales. Simply convert any text file to audio with text-to-speech and then use a speech recognition platform to do the data mining for you. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to build a full profile on who your customers are and why they behave the way they do.

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