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5 Mistakes That Make Your Emails Worthless and Spoil Your Image

by Fahad Saleem

Emails lie at the center of the modern business world. Daily, billions of messages are conveyed via email and a majority of these messages concern corporate world. If you are not able to get the attention of the receiver, communicate the crux of the message in your email briefly, you just miss the point of the fast tech world of today. But there is more than the apparent silly mistakes made in email. You must take care of the following metrics while emailing anyone, be it your boss, your colleague, your prospective client, a company in which you want to get a job etc.

5 Things That Make Your Emails Worthless and What to Do About Them

Writing Long Emails

Trust me, the importance of keeping things simple and brief can’t be emphasized much. It is quintessential not to prolong your email. Don’t even bother making a long prequel to your point. Just tell why are you emailing as a background reminder (or just use subject box for that) and communicate the point and the next plan. In the modern era of thousands of messages, no one has the time to spend more than 2 minutes on a single email.

Replying Late

If you reply quickly, it shows show things: you are serious about your job and business and you have a plan. You don’t take ages to respond to a new situation or questions. Getting a reply to your message within a minute just impresses people in the business world.

Adding a Gozillion People to CC Box

Never add more than required people in your email. Seriously, unconcerned parties don’t want to read emails that have nothing to do with them. I recommend not adding more than two people in CC. But if the need is genuine, try to select the most concerned parties in the CC. Otherwise you will leave a bad impression.

Using Same Greeting Messages for All

Don’t make an automatic, predefined start or greeting message for email. Sometimes there is no need to even write a Hi. Just coming to the point and staying on the topic from the start is useful. But sometimes, greetings and respectful regards are offered. And sometimes just a “Hey” or Hi or Hey There could work. It all depends upon whom you are sending the email to. Try to craft your message keeping in view the receiver and this will give a catchy and connected feeling to your contacts.

Emotional Emails

While there are some tools to take back your email or unsend an email, I recommend never replying emotionally to any minute. A silly reaction in a spur of the moment is all it takes to ruin your career or image in the industry. If you receive an email which just enrages you and you know that the sender is wrong, still, wait for a complete minute and see how to respond in the best possible way in order to communicate your complaint in a graceful way.


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