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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Forming a Company Online


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Forming a new company can be confusing, which causes people to make common mistakes. When forming a company, you’ll have to complete forms and submit them to the correct government offices. If you do the work yourself, watch for these five mistakes. Follow rules closely so you don’t have to fix errors and create problems for your business and yourself.

  1. Creating the Wrong Type of Company

The most common mistake people make when forming a company is using the wrong type of legal entity. You can avoid this problem by consulting with a company like Fusion Formations to ensure you are choosing the correct legal formation. If you choose the wrong company, you might have to live with the mistakes for many years, as changing a company can be a lengthy and complex process.

  1. Neglecting to Name Shareholders

Another common mistake is failing to name the other owners. The rules about shareholders vary in different countries, so you’ll need to name them so they can be involved in making decisions. Government offices need to know who are actual shareholders so they can be placed on the correct documents while forming the company.

  1. Registering the Company’s Legal Model

While filing the wrong paperwork and neglecting to name shareholders can be an annoying problem that needs repairing, failing to share details about the company’s legal model can affect how your company functions.

This document doesn’t mean you share what happens in your company daily, instead, it refers to the larger structure of the company. The standard article with these details goes on the CRO, and if you make mistakes, you won’t be able to register your company online. Making this mistake can create serious problems that are difficult to repair.

  1. Using the Wrong Address

When you register a company in your country, you have to use an actual address so the government can contact you with official business. While you don’t have to use your business’s physical operating address, you do need to use an address in the country. Many people use their home address, but before you add it, know that the address you use will become public information. You cannot use a virtual address, so you’ll have to make decisions about what address you want to use for your personal privacy and the country’s legal requirements.

  1. Not Registering for Corporation Tax

If you register your business as a sole trader, you won’t have to file corporation tax. Many business owners choose the sole trader option because of the money-saving benefits. However, if you want to trade, you’ll need to create a private limited company. You must register for the corporation tax within three months of forming your company.

If you don’t do this in time, you cannot trade. To be able to trade, you must register for the corporation tax. Know that if you don’t make enough money to pay corporation tax, you won’t have to pay it. But you still have to be registered to pay for it.

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