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5 Most Promising Digital Currencies to Invest in 2021!


Since 2017, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced the biggest boom, which has attracted many investors and traders across the world. Investors have their eyes on the most prominent cryptocurrencies to have multiple crypto coins in their portfolios. Bitcoin remains the most popular and widely accepted cryptocurrency that hit the record of reaching $63,000 before experiencing high sales. The surge has attracted buyers to invest in bitcoin before its price again reaches the sky.

In the past few months, bitcoin’s price has declined due to events and some announcements made by government officials that influenced the price of bitcoin. More info from this platform like . In May 2021, bitcoin’s price got significantly affected after Joe Biden, US president, indicated plans to increase the taxes on capital gains, making investors sell their crypto holdings.

But at the same time, this didn’t prevent financial services from getting attracted to cryptocurrencies. Many top organizations, crypto exchanges, banks, companies, and many services have begun accepting cryptocurrencies and have allowed their customers to make crypto transactions. For example, the crypto exchange Gemini has announced in May 2021 that it will soon launch debit and credit cards that will be rewards-based. The main idea of Gemini is to provide an opportunity to earn cashback that is in the form of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Let us explore some most promising cryptocurrencies of 2021 that you can invest in other than bitcoin.


Dogecoin is the cheapest cryptocurrency that investors can invest in in 2021. Dogecoin has come into the limelight after Elon Musk, The CEO of Tesla Co. calls him “Dodgemaster.” It has been written about in the history of Dogecoin. It is the cryptocurrency that got launched in 2013 as a meme coin. The value of Dogecoin was negligible, and no one expected that it could become a fair coin, but today Dogecoin is on the top list of digital currencies. After Elon Musk’s statement, the price of Dogecoin reached from $0.007635 to $0.074398 in a time of two weeks. The current value of Dogecoin in USD is around $0.4392.


Ethereum has a market capitalization of around $316 billion, and it is known as the second-largest cryptocurrency. Ether was created in 2015, and it is the only cryptocurrency that introduced the idea of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The blockchain of Ethereum works on the feature of smart contracts that allow decentralized applications such as decentralized financial services (DeFi). Most investors have their eyes on bitcoin because it has properties similar to gold and is even known as digital gold. Still, the feature of smart contracts of Ether has allowed a considerable number of blockchain transactions. The current value of Ethereum in USD is around $3,376.34.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is the third-largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of around $90.0 billion. Binance Coin was launched in 2017. The crypto coin’s name is similar to the exchange, i.e., Binance exchange, the company’s ecosystem, will soon introduce Binance Smart Chain. As Binance Coin is one of the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide, the company’s main motive is to become the leading infrastructure service supplier for the ecosystem of entire blockchains. The current value of Binance Coin is around $663.43.


Solana is the largest growing Decentralized Finance ecosystem, and as of now, Solana also has a native crypto coin whose value experienced a surge in Feb 2021. Solana launched in March 2020. Within a time of 1 year, Solana has become one of the largest cryptocurrencies ranked at #4 position in terms of market capitalization that is around $11.19 billion. It is the only cryptocurrency that uses a proof-of-history algorithm and offers fast transactions. In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, Solana only charges minimal transaction fees. The current value of Solana in USD is around $47.07.


Cardano is a famous project that has growth potential. The value of Cardano surpassed from $0.182 to $1.45 in February 2021. Cardano is known to be the most affordable and best cryptocurrency that investors can invest in. The main reason behind the surge in the price of Cardano is its ability to develop smart contracts, same as Ether that allows users to work on decentralized applications. In addition, Cardano offers cheap and fast transactions. The current value of Cardano in USD is around $1.32.

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