5 Really Cool Reasons to Check out STEM Based Site Swivet Zone

5 Really Cool Reasons to Check out STEM Based Site Swivet Zone

The success of the swivetzone.com web series’ first season has the STEM based company already anticipating the release of its second season. Powered by the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD), Swivet Zone has plenty to offer their audiences.

For those who haven’t yet checked out the web series, Innov8tiv lists five super cool reasons to check out the site and get started on watching the series!

Reason #1: Tween & Teen Friendly Web Series
Best friends, teenage crushes, and the mysteries of growing up are no match for the STEM approach. The show’s characters deal with real life issues while taking interest in the STEM opportunities that come their way. Main character Diamond comes to realize the challenges science, technology, engineering and math are parallel to issues within their daily lives. It is the willingness to move forward and apply oneself that reveals a world full of possibilities.

Reason #2: Mentorships and Other opportunities
Just as the show’s characters realize there is a world outside of their high school bunkers for them to explore, Swivet’s site allows real-life teenagers to dive into a pool full of awaiting experiences. Swivet Zone includes great initiatives to get teens and their parents involved as STEM advocates. The site offers mentorship programs for students and other opportunities such as on-going STEM projects and contests.

Reason #3: One Opportunity Leads to Another
Every parent expects their teen’s web experience to be an educational, yet stimulating one. The opportunities available to students are immeasurable. With plenty dedication, the prospect of competing throughout the nation, or even internationally is not imagined. The site’s objective is to spread the word about STEM education and to increase the number of students involved. The cycle of opportunities is to provide students with a fulfilling experience while also preparing them for their college careers.

Reason #4: Parental Involvement
Moms and Dads—there is no need to panic! Yes, all of this super fun stuff is available on a well-managed site with appropriate content. Interested in taking a peek? Well, go ahead? In fact, Swivet encourages parents to get involved in their teens’ academic journey. Additionally, parents may find more information on how they can spread the word about Swivet’s initiatives for students to get involved with STEM programs. Donate, spread the word, or simply share new ideas—the team at Swivet is super excited about making every teen’s education a better one.

Reason #5: The Series’ Accessibility!
On YouTube™ or the Swivet Zone site—viewing it on your tablet or mobile phone—Swivet’s web series is easily accessible to every viewer. So what are you waiting for? Log on now to swivetzone.com to check out Swivet Zone’s web series and programs!

To learn more about the International Center for Professional Development and their programs click here. Also follow ICPD on twitter by clicking here.

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