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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Waterproof Labels


Waterproof labels are famous for having excellent moisture repellent quality, high durability, perfect metallic properties & risk-minimizing attributes.

Waterproof labels are one of the most, if not the most popular types of labels in modern times because of their excellent resilience properties against adverse conditions.

From industrial purposes to food, apparel, & bath, we can use waterproof labels.

When it comes to durability, waterproof labels show compelling properties & that’s what increases their demands. No matter how harsh the weather is, be it scorching heat or rainy weather or a snowy one, waterproof labels withstand all. These images and texts can be read even when exposed to moisture or corrosion.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use waterproof labels-

1. Resilience

The primary reason for the popularity of waterproof labels is their high endurance capacity. Waterproof labels provide excellent protection against harsh weather.

The purpose of a water-resistant label is to provide clear images of the product’s characteristics. It may be hazardous or may have to be handled with utmost care.

If these instructions on the label remain unclear or unrecognizable upon delivery, it can pose serious threats. That’s why using labels that are not affected even after being exposed to rough conditions is the primary target.

When a label gets attached to a product’s surface, you can never know what situation that label will go through. It can be the scorching heat of summer, or a rainy day, or a snowy evening. The label has to withstand such adverse conditions.

Again, upon storing, there’s no guarantee that moisture won’t form due to humidity. So,  keep that in mind that too.

A waterproof label can help you remain calm in any rough weather since its main strength is durability.

2. Compliance

For ensuring top-most compliance, there’s no other alternative to a waterproof label. The demand for waterproof labels is more pivotal in the sea.

Marine appliances require the best possible service from a label, as the sea condition is too harsh.

For transporting documents or other massive goods, the sea is the first choice for everyone. That said, it poses risks & threats while transported by water routes.

The goods transported can be some hazardous chemical,  important documents, or sensitive material. All these goods require intensive care & handling.

If the label loses clarity, it will be next to impossible to operate or use the goods and may create issues in the business especially if it is a startup.

That said, waterproof labels hold paramount importance since they are susceptible to adverse situations like salt spray, rain, seawater, etc.

However, waterproof labels maintain their quality even after so many difficulties. Therefore, they are vital in marine transportation.

3. Clarity

Labels serve the purpose of assisting someone with the proper handling procedure of goods inside. If you can’t read the labels, you get into uncertainty. You can no longer have ideas on how to appropriately handle the goods or package.

If the box contains something valuable or toxic, it will require sensitive handling. However, with the fading of the labels, the clarity of the texts will vanish. As a result, you may find yourself in an agitated situation.

In that case, you need to choose a label that can cope up with versatile circumstances. If you have prioritized the corrosion property only for selecting a label, you are endangering yourself by doing so.

Chances are the environment that has moisture threat will also contain other hazardous threats. So, choose a label that is capable enough to withstand abrasion, high temperature & corrosion at the same time.

In such cases, waterproof labels are the best as they have multiple resistance qualities.

4. Material Construction

If you think readability is the only measurement of a good label, you have it entirely wrong. What’s the point if the label can’t stick properly with the surface?

That said, it’s important to select a label based upon the materials it is using.

Waterproof labels provide excellent surface attachment properties too. The main reasons most people choose waterproof labels is because they are uniquely different from other labels and have multiple features

Substance Used

A waterproof label can be of vinyl, stainless steel, polyester, aluminum, brass, etc. Each of these components serves unique purposes.

Besides water resistance, these types provide resistance to particular hazards.

So, before finalizing your choice, match with the intended applications.

Printing Component

The latest technology is used when waterproof labels are manufactured. A waterproof label can use many types of printings too. Some of these printing are ink, etching, laser, etc. However, the kind of product you use will determine the required printing type.

It’s better to provide detailed information about the harsh conditions these labels may face.

Thus, you will have the perfect printing type for your particular purpose.


Although waterproof labels provide excellent durability & legibility, you have the option to enhance the performance by a definite margin.

Use Teflon-coated aluminum as a protective layer over the waterproof label to improve resilience properties.

Adhesive Quality

Adhesive quality varies for the different products depending upon the thickness of the surface & material composition. So, inquire thoroughly about the surface metal & thickness.

Therefore, you will have a concise idea of the type of adhesive you will need.

5. Risk Minimization

Risks always escalate with transporting goods & products.

You can minimize such risks by using waterproof labels. As excellent moisture repelling property, you no longer have to worry about the labels’ safety, let alone the product’s.

Moisture can form anywhere from humidity. Even by storing in a dry environment such as warehouses or offices, you are not safe. That is why using a moisture repellent label is crucial.

In this regard, a waterproof label can serve you perfectly.

Besides ensuring moisture resistance, waterproof labels can prolong the abrasion & corrosion resiliencies too. So, you are not taking any chances by covering only one aspect.

Instead, with the help of waterproof labels, you can cover all the possible threats that may incur upon transporting.

Final Thoughts

Waterproof labels are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability against adverse conditions. Besides durability, they provide excellent readability too. So avail yourself of these labels as they ensure environmental safety as well

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