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5 Structural Aspects to Inspect on Your Home Annually


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After a year of living in your home, it’s important to give everything a once over for structural integrity. If you notice any problems with the foundation or exterior walls, don’t hesitate to contact an expert as soon as possible. Here are five things that need regular inspection:


Inspecting The Foundation

The first aspect is inspecting your foundation. A foundation is not just the material at ground level. For example, if you have a basement, your foundation also includes any concrete or wood leading to it from the above-ground and the beams helping keep the house upright.

When inspecting your foundation, look for cracks of any kind on both structures and around windows if there are any in them. Cracks can be dangerous because water can get into parts that shouldn’t see moisture, such as electrical outlets. This causes severe damage over time. If you see any worrying foundation issues, it’s time to think about foundation repair. Always ensure that you get a professional inspection done by a trusted company such as Pinnacle Foundation Repair to ensure that your diagnosis is correct.

Inspecting The Walls

The next aspect is inspecting your exterior walls. This includes any interior or exterior wall that isn’t a part of the foundation. Walls are integral to keeping everything upright, so you need to be aware if they’re starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Walls should feel solid under your touch with no wobbling when pushed against gently. If there’s even less resistance than you’d expect from pushing on them, an inspection may be needed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Any sagging in the middle can cause problems since it means one side has more weight placed upon it, which could lead to structural damage.

Inspecting The Roof

Another crucial area for inspections is the roof. It keeps water out of the house, so it’s essential for its structural integrity to be in good condition. You can inspect several things, but one of the most obvious is checking that there aren’t any missing shingles or holes along the exterior. It may seem like a minor problem now, but if left alone too long without repair, it could lead to big problems down the road, such as leaking and damage due to water flowing through your roof.

Inspecting The Floors

You want to make sure the floors in your home are intact. The last thing you want is for them to fall apart when there’s a big storm outside, or something heavy falls on top of it. Inspecting Floors Every Year can help prevent these things from happening, which will save you lots of money and stress down the road! The floor should be sturdy, not wobbly, or seem like it might break easily, as this could mean that there are some structural problems with your house itself.

Inspecting Rainwater Systems

One of the most important aspects to inspect on your home is your rainwater systems. There are several different things that can go wrong with them, and they all need immediate attention if found out. For example, early warning signs include cracks or leaks in gutters, which will affect how well it harvests rainwater and the amount. If the weeping tile starts failing, you could end up with major flooding issues inside your house! Inspecting for floods at least once annually is recommended.

In conclusion, there are five aspects of your home you need to inspect every year. The most important element is inspecting the foundation because it’s where everything starts and stops in a way since that’s what keeps your house up in excellent condition, limiting severe damage later down the line.

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