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5 Technological Advances That Will Give Your Construction Business The Edge


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The construction world is cutthroat, with competing companies vying for the most lucrative or exciting jobs. Some will resort to undercutting prices to get an edge over competitors, which makes it hard for them to complete the job to a good standard. For those who would prefer to earn and keep a reputation for quality work, there are other ways to gain an edge over others. Implementing the latest technology has many benefits, all of which help convince clients that this is the construction company to hire.


Across all industries, companies that make a genuine eco-conscious effort are more frequently sought than those that aren’t. Construction companies can use modern materials to reduce their carbon footprint and create fewer pollutants. Plant-based polyurethane is a natural anti-fungal substance that makes rigid-foam insulation as robust as its oil-based counterpart. However, unlike its oil-derived counterpart, at the end of a building’s life, the plant-based foam will break down in a landfill in a relatively short time.

A Polished Finish

As any building project comes to an end, any snagging issues must be dealt with before the project is signed off. A traditional punch list created on a spreadsheet can be clumsy to access and use by multiple people. Yet allowing multiple key people access assures all relevant information is entered and followed up. The latest construction industry software lets project managers create a cloud-based punch list that is easy to manage and access by several people across several locations.

Fewer Mistakes

Industry-specific software has many other uses that eliminate problems that will put your company ahead. At the planning stage, the architect can work collaboratively with others in one virtual space. Amendments are logged with a paper trail for accountability, nor can poorly erased marks cause confusion when reading the blueprints. Before construction begins, 4d rendering key parties visualize the structure and check for mistakes and that subcontractors understand where their parts go in relation to everything else.

Smart Wearables

Most people are familiar with sports-related smart wearables, but this technology has found uses further afield. In the construction industry, it has several beneficial uses. When included, smart features make PPE dynamic equipment rather than passive. It can also monitor things like blood pressure and environmental temperatures, thus allowing workers to rest if needed or avoid potential hazards. It can even alert safety officers if an accident occurs, reducing response times.


Site surveys are now as easy as launching a drone and capturing the required information while standing still. You can create a 3D topographical map of a site or safely inspect hard-to-reach areas of a structure. Buying a drone is a fraction of the cost of hiring an aircraft, and then it’s available at your convenience. They’re also better for the environment causing minimal noise pollution and no exhaust.

The best way to give your construction company the edge over others is by embracing modern technology and using it to cultivate an excellent reputation.

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