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5 Things to Know Before the Stock Market Opens


It’s a tricky process to navigate through the complexities of the stock market. Consequently, if you’re interested in buying stocks, it’s important that you’re aware of certain changes. One must have knowledge of the changing market trends all across the world to participate in the stock market properly. Whenever the stock market opens, you must be ready with all the information that affects stocks directly. Of course, this means doing your own research. To help you out, mentioned below are the 5 things you need to know before the stock market opens.

1. Biden Will Host the American CEO for Cyber Security Summit

As you near the opening of the stock markets, you should know that Biden is all set to meet with some of the biggest tech, energy, insurance, and financial services firms. The meeting is an event where they all talk about how they can combat cyber security threats. In attendance will be some famous CEOs, such as Apple, JPMorgan Chase, and Amazon. Many other CEOs will be in attendance at the event.

These CEOs have experienced and survived some of the biggest cyberattacks that created a lot of panic in the public and private sectors. The goal of this event is to address the root cause of cyber security attacks and how they can be avoided. This could involve fixing the gaps in critical infrastructure and also increase U.S cyber security jobs.

2. S&P to Add to the Record

Since the S&P 500 closed at a record high last Tuesday, the U.S. stock futures were flat the next day. Companies like the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw good gains, but they remained 0.7% behind its recent record that was close on August 16th. The Nasdaq also closed above 15,000, which was the first time ever. Investors still continue to purchase the dip from last week, which led to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to move up for the fourth straight session that took place on Tuesday.

3. Inconclusive Intelligence Review on the Coronavirus Birthplace

The U.S intelligence continued to investigate the origin of the Coronavirus, which is believed to be China. This virus has led to the deaths of nearly 4.5 million people across the world. The intelligence review was ordered by Biden in May, but the chances of getting concrete answers are low, regardless of how the investigation started. A Chinese official made it clear that if the U.S wants to blame China for the birth of COVID, they should prepare themselves for some counterattack.

4. House Democrats Finally Clear Path After the Passing of the Budgeting Bill

The house democrats take the lead with the President’s economic plans after they had threatened to reveal the party’s agenda. The House passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution and also advanced the infrastructure bill, which is around $1 trillion. This was stated in the 220-212 party-line vote. This vote gives Democrats the ability to approve and write a big expenditure package without the Republicans and also puts the Senate-passed infrastructure plan to the final line in the House. Along with this measure comes a commitment without any legal force to vote on the infrastructure bill, latest by September 27th.

5. Only Vaccinated People Allowed to Enter Goldman Sachs Headquarters

Goldman Sachs stated on Tuesday that only Covid vaccinated individuals can enter the building. Regardless of whether they are clients or employees, they need to be vaccinated. They are also required to wear masks in all crowded areas. At the same time, Goldman Sachs is in the process of implementing a mandatory testing program for vaccinated workers from September 7th. This will be conducted on a weekly basis.

Final Thoughts

You might wonder why you need to know about what’s going on in the country to head to the stock market. Well, it actually makes a lot of difference at times. It might not help you directly once stock markets open, but it will keep you aware of the different demands and changes that could occur. You should be aware of these things mentioned above before you hit the stock market next. You will see how much of a difference it makes knowing these important facts.

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