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5 Tips for Making Remote Work Easy & Efficient


For many people, working from home is an excellent way to avoid a daily commute and enjoy a more flexible schedule. However, working remotely can present a variety of challenges for many employees. Here are some tips that can help you make this kind of work more manageable.

1. Keep a Regular Schedule and Avoid Procrastination

When your manager isn’t nearby to keep an eye on your progress and you don’t have to be at work at a regular time, deciding to procrastinate can be extremely tempting. Unfortunately, even if you meet your deadlines, working late often or skipping activities like exercise to do it can impact your mental and physical health. Keep a regular schedule, and make an effort to finish all your work early, and avoid waiting until the deadline starts to approach. That way, if there’s an emergency or you get a last-minute assignment, you’ll still have time to finish everything.

2. Set Boundaries to Make Working Easier

If you have a few roommates or you live with a large family, you probably know how chaotic crowded homes can get. Set physical boundaries when possible by making a space for a home office that’s in a quiet area like a basement or a guest room.

If you don’t have any additional space, let everyone know that you need to work at certain times and you don’t want any disturbances. You can use devices like noise-canceling headphones to filter out many potential distractions.

3. Use a Remote Desktop Protocol

If you use a computer in the office, you can connect to it and access its files from your new workspace through a remote desktop protocol. With this setup, you can do everything you would normally do through your PC at work. Smart card security authentication, GPU support, access to files, and control of speakers, printers, and other connected devices are important features for any good remote desktop protocol.

4. Vary Your Workplace

Vary your working experience and get some fresh air by visiting coffee or tea shops, bookstores, and other fun, comfortable locations to do your work. You can grab a great drink or snack while you’re working, and with the right equipment and programs, you can work anywhere that you can connect to the internet. If you want to go somewhere without Wi-Fi, you can download all the information you need for a task ahead of time. You can also consider investing in your own mobile hotspot.

5. Maintain Your Work Connections Carefully

Make sure you maintain steady communication with your employer, especially if you plan to work remotely long-term. Keep them up to date on your progress, and make sure you complete all the tasks that you would usually do at the office. Staying in contact with coworkers can also help everyone work as a team and communicate clearly. If you have a video call, remember to make your work area presentable and make sure people can see you clearly. Or, if you use a work phone, ensure your company has pursued efficient Wireless Expense Management so that your mobile device is operational at all times. If you cannot complete calls, it might hinder your efficiency and output. Hence, speak to your company about improving your communication connections.

Follow these tips to make working remotely easy and efficient. When they’re often in the same location, striking a comfortable, productive balance between work and home is important.

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