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5 Tips for Playing Lottery Type Games


Every lottery player has a chance to increase their winning percentage. To make this possible, you have to understand the game, and how real odds factor into each ticket purchased. There is no perfect way to play the game, but there are tips that can put you ahead of the competition.

1. Consistency

Most of the people that play the NY Lottery have been doing so for years. Television and movies paint a different story about a person randomly buying a ticket and then lucking into a lotto win. This is far from reality, and your chances of winning rise with consistency. Along with that consistency there is a need to buy more tickets. This increases your probability of winning since you’re treating it as an investment. With this in mind, think about your odds of winning compared to individuals that play the lottery every other month.

2. Play the Right Game

The Powerball is completely different than Lotto America. With over 44 state lotteries, there are plenty of opportunities to strike it rich by playing the right game. Variety is helpful in this case since you can get a general idea of which lottery pools are the easiest to play. Find the games that you are most comfortable with, and stick with them. Some individuals like to play random lotteries without understanding the rules of each ticket. This is their downfall, as their odds decrease rather than increase.

3. Lottery Pools

Lottery pools are awesome for multiple reasons. You’ll spend less money while gaining access to multiple tickets and games. There are horror stories of individuals going broke playing the lottery by themselves. They spend thousands per month on tickets and have nothing to show for it. A lottery pool increases your chances of winning without adding in the heavy financial load. If anyone in the pool wins, they split the winnings equally among the other participants. Out of the many things associated with gambling, this is the highest reward with the lowest risk.

4. What Competition?

Familiarize yourself with all of the state lottery types and participants. There are plenty of games that don’t have a lot of people buying in. That giant Powerball worth millions? Plenty of people have already purchased their ticket and plan on buying more. But what about the lotto worth only a couple of hundred-thousand? Less participants means you’ll have a higher chance of coming out on top. Although a low number of players shouldn’t be your primary reason for buying, it should be an important clue that the odds will be in your favor.

5. This Isn’t a Test

Don’t get enamored with gurus or other talking heads that want you to believe there is are rules. A mathematician is no more valid at picking lotto numbers than a fortune cookie. Every number has an equal probability of being chosen – never forget that. If there was an algorithm that could predict actual lottery numbers, do you think it would be shared with the public? Don’t waste time trying to figure out the perfect numbers, as the lottery is not a test, and it doesn’t have a passing grade. Play the numbers you want, and take solace in knowing that there are no wrong answers. The lottery chooses its winners, and that will remain the way it works until the end of time.

Take Your Best Shot

Lotteries are hugely popular for a good reason. Everyone is attracted to the jackpot, and the game itself is a thriller until the very end. With the variety of games to play and win, you’ll always have a way to add some excitement into your life.

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