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5 Tips to save money when shopping online in Kenya

5 Tips to save money when shopping online in Kenya

5 Tips to save money when shopping online in Kenya

When online shopping first launched in Kenya, there was the skepticism over making a first purchase. Two years down the line, most Kenyans have broken their online shopping virginity.

Shopping online can save you money especially because most brands will tend to sell the products at a cheaper price online as compared to offline as most costs such as rents, wages and salaries, county council/government permits, insurances, risks like looting and fire are exempted.

But you can save money even further if you are aware of the tips below as shared by Jumia.

Look for coupons

Most online retailers will offer discount coupons mostly via their social media platforms. If you are on the mailing list of the retailer, you will receive the coupons straight into your inbox. Once you locate the coupon you can apply it in your checkout and save money most coupons offered by companies like JumiaKaymu among others will mostly be KES. 500 and above. That’s a reasonable amount to save right?

Compare online stores

Before you make the final purchasing decision, make sure you know the average value of the product, compare prices with offline and other online retailers who stock the product and go for the best price that is of course with the discount coupon.

Look out for promos and offers

 Some retailers will have promotions like free shipping, Clearance sales, buy 1 get 1 free, 85% off all shirts, flash sale and more. Be sure not to miss out on these deals you could save a lot since the companies selling on the platforms are also offering discounts.

Avoid shipping fees

Many stores will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Jumia for example offers free deliveries for products above KES. 5000 in Nairobi and KES. 8000 for all major towns in Kenya. If your budget falls behind the minimum, think about other items you would like to add to cart of a similar value to the shipping fee e.g. socks, you will enjoy free delivery and save.

Use your credit card when shopping online

Credit card vs Debit card– a credit card will have a spending limit while your debit card is linked to your bank account. If you use your debit card you may be tempted to shop for more items and could end up over-spending on your budget.

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