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5 Ways the Cannabis Industry Is Taking Advantage of Technology


Are you curious as to how the technology world has started taking over various industries? Do you want to know how the cannabis and tech industry works or in collaboration with each other?

As society becomes more open-minded to the use of cannabis, there is a greater demand for products that cater to the needs of consumers. This has led to innovations in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and product development. Nowadays, manufacturers like Molino Glass for example, which is a glass pipes manufacturer, strive to produce the highest quality bongs via exclusive and proprietary processes. Cannabis businesses are using technology to advance every aspect of their operations, from cultivation and production to sales and marketing. Here are just a few examples:

Online sales and delivery

When it comes to the technology industry it is easy to see how it is used in many other markets and many other industries to benefit them. The tech industry compliments just about every other industry in the world, and this includes the cannabis industry.

Something that is predominant within the cannabis industry as well as many other ones is when it comes to online sales and delivery. These days online shopping is one of the most common ways to purchase things especially if they are not readily available to you at a store nearby.

Delivery is also something that is associated with online shopping and is something that can be done through the means of the technology industry. These days cannabis dispensaries are using AI or artificial intelligence as a way to recommend products to customers whether they are new or returning.

Tracking and tracing of products

Next up on our list is the tracking and tracing of products that the cannabis industry has taken advantage of when it comes to technology. This goes hand in hand with online shopping as many people want to know where their product is and how long they can expect to wait for it.

Tracking and tracing of products is something that has become a major part of the online shipping of products purchased digitally and the cannabis industry has caught on to this trend and therefore implemented it into their world.

All sorts of things such as GPS tracking systems and more are being used to monitor cannabis shipments from the farm to the dispensary as well as to help customers track their progress of the shipping from the store to their front door.

Dispensary management systems

These days most stores have a digital system that allows them to manage everything that goes on in the store from stock take to sales, inventory, and even processing orders. The cannabis industry is no stranger to these kinds of management systems, and dispensaries, in particular, make use of these to make their life as easy as possible.

Dispensaries are making use of management systems as a way to process orders, track inventory, do stock takes, and so much more.

CBD Oil Extraction

CBD oil is one of the newer additions to the cannabis world however it is quickly becoming a very popular product especially among those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes such as managing pain and inflammation or helping those who suffer from depression or anxiety.

The extraction of CBD oil is not something that can be done by hand and therefore needs to take advantage of what the technology industry has to offer to make use of products that are strong enough and refined enough to extract CBD oil from the plant. Technology has made the extraction of CBD oil fiber to and even proved the quality of CBD oil products.

Cannabis Breeding and Cultivation

Although cannabis is a plant and it can be grown outdoors with minimal tending to, over the year’s cannabis cultivation and breeding has become a major thing and many people have started growing the plants indoors to have as much control over the growth process as possible.

Different breeding and cultivation products that have been created by the tech industry include all sorts of growing lights, specific containers and rooms, and so much more. With the introduction of this kind of technology, cannabis has reached a whole new level and has so much more to offer than ever before.

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