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5 Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel


With different streaming platforms like Twitch, many more people are trying their hand at making their channels. There are various niches to try out, whether it’s about video games, music, or simply interacting with viewers.

Starting up could be one of the most complex aspects since it requires getting the equipment and specific types of software. But once you’ve accomplished that, you can finally focus on growing your Twitch followers and possibly transforming it into a profitable activity.

To start expanding your Twitch channel, here are some tips that could help out.

1. Get Emotes That Support Your Brand

One of the great ways to get more subscribers, followers, and viewers is to customize your Twitch emote. This is because if you offer emotes in exchange for subscriptions, more people will want to do so. At the same time, these emotes work as a form of advertising for your channel since your viewers will also be able to use these emotes on other people’s live streams. If other viewers like how the emotes look, they’ll get curious and check where you got them. They might even sub or follow you if they enjoy your content.

But to catch their attention, make sure that you’re affiliated. After that, you’ll need to reach follower goals to unlock more emote slots and animated emote slots.

Tip: To make more interesting emotes, you could commission an artist to help you create an original design that’s appropriate for your branding.

2. Interact And Make Friends With Other Streamers

Twitch is a platform for streamers and viewers to interact in real-time, which is why it’s so appealing. At the same time, using this live interaction is a great way to get to know more people, make friends, and gain followers.

However, the critical thing to remember when interacting with other streamers is to ensure that you’re watching and chatting genuinely. For example, you could start watching someone who plays certain video games you also stream and personally enjoy. This will help you in connecting with them and even form friendships. Tip: Don’t drop by someone’s live stream and promote your channel since this could get you timed out and banned on their channel. Focus on making real connections with other streamers.

3. Raid Other Streamers

Raiding is pretty standard for streamers, especially if they want to support other channels. If you have several viewers, but you’re ending the live stream, you could try out raiding another streamer—an excellent tactic for becoming a successful streamer since reaching a certain number of raids is one of the goals on Twitch.

However, it’s essential to know if the streamer you want to raid is open to raids. This is because big streamers who usually have tons of viewers aren’t open to getting raided by smaller streamers. Instead, you could try raiding some streamer friends you’ve made, as long as they’re also on live and have agreed that they are open to raids.

Tip: Come up with a clever raid message that also uses emotes so your viewers and yourself can paste something in the chat box of the streamer you’re raiding.

4. Practice With Your Interaction

Getting viewers requires a lot of work because you’ll need to catch up with what viewers are saying on chat and respond to them. It’s time to practice if you’re not a natural speaker or find speaking into a microphone awkward. To improve your conversational skills with your audience, here are some tips:

  • Talk about the gameplay if you’re streaming video games.
  • Explain strategies, especially if the game is a strategy genre.
  • Tell interesting stories about yourself or simply about your day.
  • Think out loud.
  • Ask your audience about how they are, what they’re doing, or how their day was, and build a conversation.

Tip: Talking can be a great way to connect with your audience and make your channel more interesting, but remember to be careful about revealing private information.

5. Try Special Event Streams

Unique event streams are a great way to change your content, especially after reaching a milestone. For example, suppose you’ve finally got an affiliate or reached a follower milestone. In that case, you could go for a ‘subathon.’ This is essentially a stream where you do something new or particular challenges as you gain more subscribers, which can help you profit on Twitch.

Here’s an example of goals and challenges to try out while you’re streaming a subathon:

  • 10 subscribers – Viewers can choose a game to play
  • 20 subscribers – Eat really spicy noodles
  • 30 subscribers – Start singing karaoke

Tip: Make the event special to you and your viewers, and don’t forget to advertise it on social media and announce it beforehand to make sure that people know and can be on your stream on time.


Growing your Twitch channel isn’t a walk in the park. It takes effort and time. But don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. Streaming a lot can be exhausting, so be sure to take care of yourself to avoid getting burnt out.

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