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5 Ways to Win More Corporate Event Clients


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Events are back on the agenda and people can’t wait to attend! Still, you’re not the only event planner out there looking to book as many customers as possible. The competition is fierce in the event planning industry, especially after a year of lockdowns and restrictions.

Luckily, if you know how to promote your business in a creative and ingenious way, customers will come. Plus, once they are convinced of your level of quality, they are more likely to stay loyal to your company for years to come.

If you’re ready to get back in business and make it big, here are some of the most successful methods to use:

#1: Update Your Toolkit

Serious event planners don’t use pen and paper to organize their schedules or keep in contact with customers. This method is time-consuming and prone to errors, so if you want to impress customers, it’s time for a toolkit update.

For instance, you can use an app like Google Calendar in parallel with a note-taking app like Evernote. Both apps support a collaborative work environment so you can share events, meetings, and notes with the team and have them add their insight.

On the other side, a CRM for event planners can help organize all the information and improve communication with customers and partners. Plus, if you integrate it with sales and marketing, it can be useful in attracting new leads.

#2: Specialize in Virtual or Hybrid Events

Many of the restrictions for indoor events are still in place, which is why virtual and hybrid events are on the rise. As a result, event planners and venue owners had to adapt to the change. Of course, this move also meant that companies had to invest in video conferencing equipment and software (cameras, microphones, supports, apps, and more).

The good news is that virtual and hybrid events actually work! Both participants and organizers seem to enjoy the setting since it involves lower costs and less of a time investment.

#3: Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is your friend in this industry. These networks provide exposure and allow you to show everyone just how much fun one of your events can be.

You can post live streams (extremely popular among viewers), pictures, videos, and any other type of content that showcases your events. Plus, you can use influencers to your advantage by doing collaborations to promote your business.

#4: Make Each Event an Experience

Do you know the difference between a boring corporate event and a successful one? Everything sits in the experience you manage to create for the participants.

People don’t just want to come and listen to speakers all day long. They also don’t want to just go from stand to stand, looking at items. They want to interact, chat, learn about each other and the speakers in front of them.

A successful event unfolds like a story and has a well-established theme that everyone must follow. You can use visuals and sounds to create a surreal world, that puts people at the heart of the event.

#5: Show Off Your Expertise

Unless you’re just starting, you already have a few successful events in your portfolio. Use them to show you have experience in the industry! Have a business blog where you talk about each experience and ask previous customers for testimonials (to post on your site).

Plus, you can make the blog more interesting by adding tips and advice on how to organize a successful event. Even though it may sound like you’re giving away some trade secrets, a few tips and tricks help attract more customers.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are lots of methods to increase your customer base. However, not all of these will work for your specific business. Therefore, before you start a lengthy and expensive marketing campaign, take a step back and analyze the type of customers you want to attract. Once you know this, it will be easier to choose the right methods to promote the business.

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