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5 Website Design Tips For Restaurants

Cool website design examples for your inspiration

How do you get people to choose your restaurant over any other? Perhaps you’ve created a website for your business, or maybe you’re still in the early stages of online marketing. Did you know that there are certain components that are critical when building a website for your restaurant?

Restaurant website design includes everything from SEO to storytelling about the beginning of its existence. It’s photographs, text, and HTML that work together to complete your design and help you attract customers.

Whether you have an in-house development team or work with an outsource agency, keeping up with the industry trends and needs is essential for the success of your business. To give you some ideas on how to design your restaurant, we’ve made a list of X tips for inspiration.

1.  Invest in high-quality visuals

Investing in high-quality visual content for their website is a step many restaurants unfortunately neglect. High-quality visuals are the representation of your restaurant. Be sure that people will like to see the atmosphere, dish pictures and even people inside to get prepared about dress-code or simply whether they like that place or not. Even if your service and the taste of meals are 10/10, bad resolution pictures can ruin everything and not attract visitors.

2. Keep the menu accessible

Before making the reservation people should know about your menu and prices for meals, to not get in an uncomfortable situation. And while we advise providing a clear menu with prices, it also means that you should include under “fancy” dish names also components and high-quality pictures, because nobody wants to pay for something that sounds just strange and no visual image of what is that.

3. Include contact information

This is a “self-insurance” lifehack for you and your restaurant. If you give clear contact information to users and mention in advance reservation, you will not put your staff in an uncomfortable situation, or lose customers because of no “free table”. Provide information, and let them ask you all the necessary questions. Maybe they are going to organize a big event or birthday party in your restaurant and they want to discuss that with you?

4. Have a separate section for your dishes

As we mentioned already in the 2nd point, your menu has to be accessible and clear. Make everything section by section. Your customers should not spend their time searching for a coffee while scrolling a meat dishes part and wait when it will come. 

For example, if you have several rabbit meat dishes on your menu, have a separate website section dedicated to these dishes. This type of organization allows visitors to navigate the website easily and quickly find the information they need. Follow the trends, and make a section for everyone- for vegans, healthy food seekers, lactose intolerants, gluten-free etc.

5. Inspire with your story

There is a story behind every restaurant, and people want to hear it. It sets you apart from the competition and shows you what makes you unique. Show customers the ideas behind your restaurant and how it started. Tell a little story if you have one! This makes your restaurant even more appealing, especially if you have a good history.

The example below gives visitors a feel for the restaurant before they even walk through the door. They tell website visitors what is being served and also describe the atmosphere so visitors know what they are getting into. It’s nice to get to know the ambiance of the restaurant before you go so you can get dressed or go down and blend in with the crowd.


Do you want your website to grab the attention of potential customers? Let them get a feel for the atmosphere of your restaurant and make them want to eat before they even taste it.

Developing a website for your restaurant can take a long time during the day, and if you lack experience, it can be incredibly difficult to do. But we ensure that it is worth it. In our century before going somewhere that likes to get all the answers to their questions due to the internet.

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