Why 5KPlayer is one of the Best Free Media Player 2019 for Windows 10

Why 5KPlayer is one of the Best Free Media Player 2019 for Windows 10

Windows 10 just like its predecessors, Windows 8.1 and the shockingly vile Windows 8 all disappoint when it comes to having a built-in media player. Microsoft chose to deprecate Windows Media center with the release of Win 8 and has never reinstated it with the consecutive Windows updates. It, therefore, comes as no surprise why so many Windows users are always searching for the best free media player whenever they clean install or format their computers.

Well, we are going to share with you a new and powerful free media player for the year 2019. It may be a new kid on the block, but it packs all the right punches like veteran media players that have reigned supreme on that front.

Introducing 5KPlayer – a free media player for Windows 10

I am sure you already have one, two, perhaps three favorite media player for your computer. Well, below are reasons why you should add 5KPlayer to the top of that list:

It users GPU hardware accelerations; NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, and DXVA hardware acceleration

It can play UHD and other large video formats including the new 10bit HEVC (HDR) videos and 8K H264 videos.

It supports all of the major video formats; including 360o

Can handle smooth DVD playback, online live radio streaming, and all the major music files playback

It supports DLNA media streaming, which means you can stream your home library from your PC or Mac computer to your smartphone, PS4, Xbox, and Smart TV.

You can also mirror your iPhone and iPad screen to your PC or Mac using AirPlay on the iOS devices. Additionally, you can record the screen mirroring on your computer

You can resume playback from your last breakpoint, download music playlist, music videos, and show subtitles. It also supports batch downloads.

If you have been searching for a robust media player for Windows 10 machine; a free media player at that, then 5KPlayer has your media playback troubles all sorted out. To download and install the media player, follow this link.

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