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6 Apps Every Lazy Person, Procrastinator Should Use To Make Life Easy

by Fahad Saleem

Laziness and slacking are the most perennial issues mankind is facing these days. If you are a next level slacker and a couch-potato like me, who is “too cool” and creative enough to spend time on some petty things, you must be happy to know that there are some apps, especially designed for the lazy being like you and me, which can make our lives easier and productive. Here are some of the best iOS and Android apps every lazy person should have in his or her device.

Best Apps for Lazy People

Luxe (iOS, Android)

Let’s face it: we hate searching for the perfect parking spot for our car. You go on a date or a business meeting, and spent around 30 minutes searching for a spot to park your card? What could you expect from the meeting or date when you have exhausted every bit of you in this apparently nasty issue. Luxe app is here for you. The idea is simple: whenever you want your car parked, open your phone, contact Luxe, they will send their mobile valet parking persons, take your car and the rest is upon them. You can enjoy, spend time and then contact the app again to get your car back. The service is perfectly legitimate. Thousands of people have installed this and the response is overwhelming.

lazy app 1

Postmates (iOS, Android)

You ordered something from a retail store, but too lazy to push your selves out of your sofa? Stay seated as Postmates will deliver the packages at your door step. Postmates uses a network of retailers to deliver things, food, retail items and parcels to people. It’s a community based app, which was started in SF, but now encompasses many states and areas.

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Handy (iOS)

Handy is perhaps the most useful app for the lazy people out there. Lazy asses don’t like to move up to clean their apartment, because the very idea of cleaning up all the mess from top to bottom, pizzas rotting on table, bathroom chocked with dirt and mess, horrifies lazy people. But not anymore: Whenever you want your apartment cleaned like crystal, open your iPhone and use Handy app. Cleaning crews from Handy will come at your doorstep within minutes and will clean your home like never before.

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TaskRabbit (iOS, Android)

TaskRabbit is useful for both lazy people and those who are looking to do some small, flexible tasks daily for some money. You put a job on TaskRabbit, people around your area bid and you make the deal. Tasks could be anything; from cleaning your apartment to doing the dishes.

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Owning a dog is easy, but petting it, and taking it for a walk daily is a tedious and daunting task for couch potatoes and lazy people. Swifto is a great new service that connects people for dog walks. If you want your dog walked, you can use this app to give the dog to anyone else who deem appropriate for a walk. You can track all the walk with the GPS location tracking enabled by the app.

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Instead of ramping up your dirty clothes in the laundry basket because you are too lazy to start a washing process, you can now contact Washio, a US based startup which takes and delivers your clothes at your doorstep. Just ramp up all the clothes you want washed and cleaned, schedule a pick-up using the Washio app and Washio guys will be at your doorstep at the said time. Your clothes will be delivered back to your within a few days, all fresh, dried and cleaned.

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Images: PCWorld

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