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6 Best Apps You can Use in iMessage to Make Messaging more Fun

by Fahad Saleem

iMessage is one the best and most famous messaging apps used by millions of iOS users. iMessage has a cool, clean and vibrant interface which makes messaging a lot more fun. In iOS 10, Apple opened its standard messaging app for third party app integration, which means you can now use a lot of apps and features within iMessage. These iMessage apps make iMessage usage a lot spicier and fun. There are the best iMessage apps you could use.


Apple acquired Giphy, the best GIF website where you can search thousands and thousands of GIFs from every category like reactions, funny, movie stars, etc. Sending GIFs in iMessage could be really fun. They say a GIF is worth a million words.


Venmo is another great app using which you can send money within iMessage. You can also request money. Your friends and family can send you small amounts of money within the app. Venmo is completely secure and fast.


You can play poker, pool, chess and other amazing small games in iMessage with your friends using this app. You make a move and it goes through via sms and your friend makes a counter move and the results get updated in the form of text messages. It’s a great iMessage app and game to enjoy messaging and kill some time in a fun way.


JibJab is an amazing iMessage app which you put your face on different animations, stickers and GIFs and send to other people. So you can quickly take your image, stick to funny or weird stickers and animations and send out to friends or family to share fun.


Momento is a great iOS app that binds your photos and make GIFs out of them. So for example, you are at a scenic place and take four to five images with a small time difference at a same place. Momento will combine these photos and make it look like an animation or moving GIF. This app is pretty remarkable and can add a lot of fun to photos and messages. You can use this app within iMessage.

Imoji app

Stickers make messaging fun but this many people find same old stickers too much cliché type. But this amazing app makes stickers out of your images. Just select a photo and demarcate the areas quickly. The app will make a beautiful, sleek sticker out of it.


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