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6 Best Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Africa

6 Best Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Africa

In the recent past, the startup ecosystem across Africa has been experiencing a lot of positive growths. According to CrunchBase, U.S.-based venture capitalist poured more money into the African startup scene than any other place in 2013. Perhaps the most primary breeding ground for the startups coming from the emerging markets is the startup accelerators and incubators. According to World Bank, there are more than 90 tech hubs in Africa. These startups incubators and accelerators are the windows to the outside gigantic tech world. Here are some of the best startups incubators in Africa.

ActiveSpaces Cameroon

The company transforms your ideas into funded startups. It is launching a 6-months program in 2015, referred to as Activation Bootcamp for investing around $10,000 into 5 startups. This project is initiated with the cooperation of companies like Indigo Trust, Appstech, and Hivos.

StellenBosch’s Launch Lab

The company is often referred to as the Silicon Valley lookalike and it is supported by the StellenBosch University’s Innovus programme. The programme has collaboration with the University of the Western Cape and the University of Capetown for enhancing its scope in a fierce competition. In addition to providing platform for boosting your business growth, it also presents various workshops that involve plenty of skills like marketing, required to flourish as a young entrepreneur.


This great accelerator provides resources and funds, including office space and crucial networks. The platform also provides support for accessing customers and outside investors. The Kigali, Rwanda-based company is backed by the international telecom giant, Millicon. It takes companies from across the world, particular those looking to expand across Africa or Latin America.


This is a grand tech startup, based in Nairobi and Cape Town. It is always looking to expand its funding and business mentor program for tech startups. There are many examples of businesses, such as Zapacab, which have gone though the partnerships with 88mph.

It is a fabulous service for countries that don’t have modern credit rating facilities. Nigeria is also the favorite place for foreign investors due to relatively loose control over the foreign exchange policies.

The Passion Incubator

This Yaba-based platform aims to gain popularity as technology incubator in Africa. It is barely one-year-old, but still serves an accelerator with a temporary goal of releasing 5 startups from its acceleration class this year. The rich tech hub doesn’t aim to place any kind of cash investments in the startups but connect them to investors for helping them achieve their core business objectives.

Seda Construction Incubator

It was launched by the small Enterprise Development Agency Seda. It provides resources and support services for eligible enterprises. The company aims to elevate the startups beyond just survival in the market. The main target of Seda is to aid industrialization in Durban, South Africa.

If you are looking to launch your small business in Africa, you must consult the best startup incubators and accelerators in Africa for getting investment and proper guidance.



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