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7 Best Typography Apps for Android, iPhone

Typography is the art of representing text in aesthetic visual formats. Modern design, video making, gaming and app development give a huge focus to typography. A good typography can be decisive in sales, traffic, and getting attention. Gone are the days when typography was only limited to high performance software machines or Photoshop. Today we have a plethora of typography apps in Android and iOS using which you can quickly make the typographical art. Let’s see the best typography apps for Android and iPhone.

PicLab Typography (Android, iOS)

This great app lets you apply artful masterpieces to images, texts, posters, logos. You can import items, create now typography, use the existing fonts and works to apply different lighting and texture effect. You can also make or tweak borders and stickers. You can use a lot of fonts and texts.  The only bad thing is the watermark of the app which remains glued to the typography work. But you can get rid of this by paying one dollar.

Typography (iOS)

This app lets you create a lot of beautiful, minimal typography and send it to friends and family easily. You can use literally hundreds of fonts, make your own, create text and apply it to images before sending them via email or text.

Fontroid (Android)

Fontroid is a great app to create typography in diverse fonts and languages. For example, you can simply write simple text in English and convert it in Japanese font with this app. People can share text and new fonts with each other with Fontroid app.

Font Candy (iOS)

You can pick font of your choice from thousands of alluring fonts and place them on other pieces of art and imagery in this app.

Font Studio (iOS, Android)

This app has more than 100 top-class fonts which you can use to create amazing typography and art work. You can also download a lot of other fonts on demand for free in this app. You can tweak fonts and images with lighting, transparency, brightness, border and lines. You can also add stickers to the images. This app also has a share button using which you can share the work on famous social media platforms.

Over (Android, iOS)

Vivid typography reaches its pinnacle in this app. Over app for iPhone and Android is one of the best typography apps you can use to create captivating pieces of art. You can create cards, logos, messages and much more with Over. You can use and import literally thousands of images in Over with its built-in support for images of Pixabay and Unsplash. You can use the shadow, color, custom fonts, photo elements and objects features to create the best typography work on your mobile phone.

Notegraphy (iOS, Android)

Notegraphy is another best typography app for Android and iPhone. Central to the theme of this app is to let you send beautiful typographical messages to your friends in private or share them on social media. The app couldn’t be simpler: just write anything you want and select a template from hundreds of beautiful masterpieces. The written text will be converted to the selected template. You can edit and share it to multiple platforms.

Phonto (Android, iOS)

There are more than 150 beautiful fonts which you can use to create appalling and colossal typography with this app. You can add text, rotate and shape it. You can also play with lighting and shadow borders to give attractive looks to your artwork. You can also use the upload feature to apply all these features to your own, custom-made images or text.

These are the best typography apps for Android and iPhone. You can quickly create useful and enchanting typography with these apps.

Which app you liked the most? Tell us in the comments.

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