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6 High Paying Jobs That Involve Travel

by Fahad Saleem

Travelling provides you the best chance to live your life. You can learn new things, meet new people, get things in perspective and ponder upon the hidden realities of life on the road. But hey, we all have bills to pay. The routine, mundane life and daily responsibilities are the biggest hurdles in our travel plans. We have to save money, dedicate a very limited time to travel and then get back. But what if you have a job that fixates around travelling. A good steady job which pays you well and gives you a chance of seeing the world. When travelling becomes a part of your job, the real charm of life begins.

Fortunately, there are many careers and jobs which you can adapt to live a life full of travel. These jobs will pay you well and require you to fly and travel. One can’t ask for more.

Airline Pilot

A natural answer. If you are young and just starting to think about your career options, believe me, it’s not impossible to become an airline pilot. Average starting salary is $110,000. All expenses are covered. You get a chance to see literally the nook and corner of the world. However, it needs dedication and relentless effort to become a pilot.

Hotel tester

Yep! That is a job too. There are hotels and hostels around the world which online review websites like TripAdvisor want to mine out to give the best possible answers to their visitors. In order to do that, they hire people to physically test hostels and hotels. Average salary is $21,000. All your travel expenses are covered and you get a chance to enjoy new worlds for free.

Travel agent

Being a travel agent has a lot of perks. Once you get your approval from your country’s travel agent’s organization and register yourselves, you could get a lot of discounts on tickets and easy visas. However, initial investment to become a travel agent is quite hefty.

Management Consulting

Consultancy is teeming with travel opportunities. The travel involved in management consultancy is literally close to crazy! A Quora user, Akshat Vaidya, who has worked as a travel agent, says that he used to get two flights per week every year. You have trainings and meetings with clients all over the world. You get a chance to amass hotel and flight points enough to last for any couple of years’ travelling.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is another great job that involves traveling and money. You get a lot of money and bonuses. You need to have an engineering degree from a naval college. Merchant navy is a civil structure which manages all the logistics, imports and sear-exports and trade through seas. Every time your ship anchors on land, you have enough time to visit the cities while the ship unloads.

Marketing Manager

Even though the corporate world is full of travel opportunities with good pay, being am marketing manager provides you with endless opportunities to keep moving. Marketing by its nature is a job that involves meetings, going places and traveling.

Think I missed some important field which involves travel and pays well? Feel free to shoot your comments below.

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