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6 Proven ways to Grow your Digital Marketing Agency


Starting a digital marketing agency is straightforward, but operating and transforming it into a successful enterprise is arduous! So, what are some things you can do to grow your digital marketing agency this year and beyond?

There are an array of things to be concerned about, namely recruitment, marketing automation, accounts optimization, accounting, and above all, getting results for clients.

Getting promising results for clients could result in new businesses. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, working on your digital growth is essential.

Currently, running a digital marketing firm is far from what it used to be. Things are somewhat different with mobile usage, voice search, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Suppose you’re looking to grow your digital marketing agency but don’t know where to start. In that case, this article is meant for you as it seeks to elaborate on the tried and tested tricks by the leading digital marketing agencies.

Optimize Your Website Design

Through a website, people get to interact with your digital firm, even before contacting you personally. According to research by Stanford, 75% of users acknowledge that they judge a business’s reliability depending on its website design. Therefore, consider your website as your storefront, and display all that you offer in the best way possible.

If you take a close look at the websites of the premier digital agencies, you’ll discover that although they put more focus on content and copy, they pay much more attention to website navigation and visual appeal.

It’s worth noting that presentation plays a critical role in creating a positive perception of who you are, your level of professionalism, and the type of services you render.

Since web design significantly influences your target audience, it should appear at the top of your priority list. Besides choosing a design that promotes your image and helps you extend your reach, you need to be creative.

  • Express the message clearly
  • Avoid cluttering the page with so many elements
  • Optimize the site to ensure it’s mobile-friendly
  • Use simple, instinctive navigation
  • Ensure the text is readable
  • Make use of clickable buttons
  • Integrate appealing visuals

Recruit Highly Skilled Team Members

As mentioned earlier, starting a digital agency is pretty easy but running it successfully is incredibly taxing. A growing marketing agency demands full-time workers to manage various elements of the business. Recruiting new members helps you bolster your firm’s strength.

However, as you’re possibly informed, a mainstream digital agency provides several services. That implies that you possibly need a professional for every service, including an SEO expert, marketer, graphics designer, social media manager, editor, freelance writer, among others.

Nonetheless, to grow your digital marketing agency, do the following:

  • Major on developing a robust agency culture and teamwork
  • Offer flexible working hours or allow workers to work remotely
  • Provide competitive wages and other perks
  • Be genuine concerning the growth patterns

Digital marketing is an incredibly competitive niche. You can contemplate recruiting additional in-house team members or solicit projects as you see appropriate.

Enhance Response Times to Potential Customers

Consumers have little to no patience when it comes to seeking answers and services. In fact, they expect to be attended to after they make their requests immediately.

Although you might be very engaged to respond to their queries or provide the sought-after services instantly, it’s advisable to reach out to them within the shortest time possible. This is because if you don’t respond promptly, they will cross over to your competitors, ultimately dealing a blow to your quest to grow your marketing agency.

According to reports by HBR, agencies that reached out to leads within an hour were eight times more likely to strike a deal than those that attempted two hours later. Although enterprises, on average, require about 42 hours to respond, you should focus on cutting down your response time by at least half.

Develop a Smooth Onboarding Process

We’re all informed that consumers are pivotal to every firm’s success. The key step in setting up an agency-consumer relationship is ensuring the consumer onboard process is extremely smooth and straightforward.

From the outset proposal to the first-ever meeting, a superb onboarding process creates a remarkable first impression. It helps you convert leads into long-term customers, demonstrating that you have all it takes to carry on with the contract. Dispatch satisfaction surveys to your customers to get to understand which sections of your onboarding process persuaded them to close the deal, in addition to parts which you can further improve.

Acquire Proper Tools and Data

Quick access to everything you need, including the tools and data, can help you make informed decisions. Technology is an essential investment for digital marketing companies as it increases their access to valuable tools and critical data points. Any agency seeking to outwit the competitors should go for agency management software and technology that makes it extremely easy to render unmatched service. Some of these technologies include:

  • Digital Analytical tools: Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and Kissmetrics
  • SEO Keyword Analysis: Google Trends, Spyfu, Google Adwords, SEMrush, etc.
  • Site Audience Comparison: Alexa, Google Analytics
  • SEO Rank Checking: SEMrush, Google Search Console, MOZ

Build Case Studies from Your Successful Clients

According to research by eMarketer, client case studies are one of the leading self-promotional techniques applied by marketing firm executives.

The survey showed that a whopping 62% of participants voted in support of case studies being successful in lead generation. In addition, they are somewhat versatile. Case studies can be used in place of email drip campaigns, serve as lead magnets on sites, and act as a useful tool for your sales team when striking deals with potential partners.

Digital marketing companies can talk to willing respondents and narrate their experiences to future customers. Supported by verifiable facts, a case study is one of the most effective ways you can earn the trust of a prospective client and bolster your sales swiftly.

All you need is to come up with a captivating video featuring the success story of your client.

Bottom Line

There is no shortcut to success. However, you can work towards powerful techniques with these strategies and eventually establish yourself as an all-around, effective digital marketing agency.

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