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6 Quality Mowing Tips for 2023


Mowing is one of the most relaxing and rewarding home care tasks out there. If you’re just starting to mow regularly, or if you want to boost your mowing game, knowing how to approach each session with a careful eye and mind is key. To help you get started on this exciting home care journey, here are six quality mowing tips that you should know about in 2023:

1. Tidy Up Before You Mow

If you start mowing before you dethatch your lawn, and make sure your lawn is tidy, you can run into a ton of issues. Dead grass, stray dog toys, rocks, and tree limbs can quickly dull your blades, or even cause mowing injuries. By taking the time to tidy up and check for hazards, you’ll stay safe, and make your lawn more beautiful simultaneously. If you haven’t mowed your lawn in a long time, it may be best to let a pro mowing service in your area handle your first bout of lawn care for the year. They can set an example you can follow to make your lawn truly special.

2. Don’t Over-Mow

Many people make the mistake of over-mowing their lawns. This causes issues with grass health and can make your lawn extra-susceptible to drought-related and pest-related issues. To keep your lawn healthy, never mow more than once a week, unless directly told to by a qualified local lawn care professional. Mowing your lawn can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding, but doing it sparsely is key to keeping your lawn cared for like a professional in 2023. Depending on the climate and weather in your area, you’ll want to plan out a mowing schedule that will help you avoid needing to mow in inclement or uncomfortable weather conditions. Always consider your personal safety first before mowing if the weather in your area poses any potential danger.

3. Check for Pests

If you let pest problems get out of control, you’ll end up paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to fix the problem. These pest issues can even reach your actual home if you’re not careful. For this reason, it’s a great idea to check for potential lawn pests (both insects and plants), before each mowing session. Additionally, you’ll want to check for any non-pest animal homes or presence before mowing. Nothing can kill the mood like accidentally running into a nest of birds or rabbits, after all. Making sure these types of beautiful critters are comfortable around your home is not only the right thing to do but helps to keep actual pests away more effectively as well.

4. Wait Before Watering

A ton of homeowners have a habit of watering their lawns immediately after finishing a mowing session. Some people even assume that this is common sense. The reality is, however, that you should wait a full day after mowing to water your lawn (and ideally you’ll want to dethatch your lawn before your next watering session as well). By using this technique, you’re allowing your lawn to recover from your mowing session before watering. This is great for seed growth and helps your lawn to look that much more lush. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid watering during the hottest hours of the day. You want the water to have the time to really sink in, and not evaporate as soon as it hits your soil, after all.

5. Find a Beautiful Pattern

Most people want to stand out from their neighbors in one way or another. If you want to mix this effort with your lawn care routine, look online for a unique, beautiful-looking mowing pattern. Not only can using a new pattern spice up your mowing routine, but it will make your lawn more eye-catching as well. Your neighbors and friends will be wowed by this simple, yet effective way of making your lawn pop. If you’re trying to sell your home, using an eye-catching pattern can make potential buyers more aware of your home, and its good-looking nature, as well.

6. Keep Your Equipment Well-Maintained

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you keep all of your lawn care equipment well-maintained and stored throughout the year. If you fail to follow this tip, you’ll end up paying a ton for preventable-maintenance issues. Your mower can be especially sensitive if you do not treat the oil and blade care processes with a caring hand. For any advanced issues, be sure to reach out to a local professional mechanic to get your gear fixed before putting it through another mowing session.

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