6 Questions to Ask Before You Quit Your Full Time Job and Start Your Own Business

6 Questions to Ask Before You Quit Your Full Time Job and Start Your Own Business

Majority of the world population is dissatisfied with their jobs; in fact ,they outnumber the satisfied population by a 100%. Let’s face it; fulltime jobs are the bane of existence for most people as evidenced by a Survey saying that 81% of U.S population is not happy with their fulltime job. Many would opt to go for a separate business of their own to get out of it, but there are certain things one should ask himself before quitting a fulltime job and taking the plunge.

Do you really hate your job that much?

Quitting a fulltime job to start a new business is a game changer. Asking this question is the first step to getting out of the shackles. Because if the fulltime job you go to is tolerable and you are making good money out of it then it really is wise to think it over because such a radical change can literally turn your life upside down, ask me how. But it also becomes a question of whether the job doesn’t fulfill you personally even if you don’t hate the job per se.


Is your job such a dead-end?

Okay leaving a fulltime job can be hard, but it can be made a lot easier if you think about the future prospects of the fulltime job you have. You can be making enough money still, but it may also happen to be that there is no challenging aspect left in the job mentally or even any steps to climb up the promotion ladder.


Do you have the clear cut plan of the business you are about to start?

Don’t just leave a fulltime job if you are just fed up of it; trust me you are better off. If you have no clear cut direction on what business you want to start then make a business plan, there is a reason why they are thought so highly of.


Do you have anyone who can be of help in starting your venture?

Many people would like to go solo for a startup after quitting a fulltime job. But it is necessary that you have someone like a coach or mentor to help you guide along the process. Even forming a partnership with someone else can lessen your burden and the liability.

Can your family handle it?

If you are a family man then it can be doubly hard. You have to think about all the lifestyle changes you might end up making and if your family would be okay with it.


Do you have the money or investment?

When you quit your fulltime job make a good calculation of the savings and the upcoming cash flow. You also need to see if someone would invest so that you can stay afloat while you breakeven.


In the end, anything that matters is your personal satisfaction and growth. Quitting job and starting own company or business if far easier said than done. You must make your plans, clear your head and take a decision.


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