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6 Reasons To Visit Qatar Before It Gains Traction From Crowds


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In the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is one of the smaller nations as compared to others but it is the richest country in the world and despite its smaller size, it still provides a lot of adventure and luxury. The nation is a unique blend of Middle Eastern culture and modern amenities & experiences.

In Qatar, you will find some sort of activity that will be of interest to you no matter what type of traveler you are. Qatar is slowly becoming a top destination for tourism and if you are not sure whether to visit Qatar or not then here are some reasons that might convince you to go to Qatar before it gains traction from crowds: 

1. Pleasant Weather All Around The Year

If you like warm weather then Qatar is a place that you will love. The weather all around the year is warm and pleasant. The winters in the country are mild and you would find the temperature to range between 12 – 21 °C while in summers, the temperature gets more hot and humid, with it easily reaching greater than 40°C. The rain is usually during the winter months of January and February.

There is a perception in the minds of many people that Qatar is a very hot country since it is in the Middle Eastern and it can become unbearably hot in the summers but that is not true. The temperature there isn’t very different from other similar seaside or desert destinations in the region. 

2. Blend Of Tradition & Modernity

You will find a blend of both modern and traditional values in the country. You will find traditional architecture, museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites but you will also find innovative skyscrapers and modern buildings in the country too. It is a blend of tradition and modernity that is hard to find in any part of the world.

3. A Great Choice For Adventurous Activities 

Qatar is a great choice for outdoor adventurous activities. You can perform all sorts of outdoor activities in the country such as Skydiving one the Arabian Gulf, Scuba Diving in the deep waters of the Arabian Gulf, or Climbing Sand Dunes, Qatar is a place that is full of adventure and if adventure is what you are seeking then you would just love you visit there, especially the Desert Safari Tour.

4. Wide Choice Of Shopping Options Available

The shopping options available in the country are many and in the capital city of Doha, you would find different luxurious shopping malls having the most renowned brands and labels from all over the world. Let’s take the example of the Mall of Qatar where you can find almost anything because the mall houses thousands of stores with a retail and entertainment space of 500,000 square meters.

But that is not it, you can also lurk around if you want to have a traditional shopping experience but make sure that while you are there, you get the local artifacts, handicrafts, cooking pots, pastime shawls, and fragrant spices because these are the famous goods of Qatar. 

5. Luxury For A Great Value

Another wrong perception that people have in their minds about Qatar is that it is a very expensive country to visit but that is not true. It is true that it is not dirt cheap but not expensive as a destination like Paris.

You can find great value for your money in Qatar. You can stay in a 5-star hotel in the capital city of Doha for less than 1500 riyals per night and during the off-season, it might be as less as 500 riyals per night, which is great considering that you are staying in a 5-star hotel and you can enjoy your stay there doing anything, be it playing a game with your pals.

6. Discover A Hidden Gem Before It Gains Traction From Crowds

Qatar is a country that is slowly gaining traction from all over the world and for the greater period of the last decade, it has been flying under the radar but that is soon to change especially after the 2022 FIFA World Cup being hosted by the country. Its up to you how you prefer to travel to Qatar from your home country through air or sea. UnitedWiFi and SpiritWiFi has been an excellent choice of Airlines to travel from the United States. So, make sure that you are there early and visit this place before it gets crowded by people from all over the globe.

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