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6 Things your Customers Really Hate


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Studies have shown that customers, on the whole, are generally happier now than they were a decade ago, which is good news for companies who need to keep their customers happy if they are to meet sales targets and ultimately make a success of their businesses.

However, just because customer service is getting better and people are generally happier with the companies they patronize, does not mean that businesses can afford to be complacent.

Most of your customers might be happy most of the time, but there are still various things that can cause them to become annoyed., So, if you are doing any of the things below that most costumes HATE, you might want to see what you can do to change that…

1. Not being able to get in touch

These days, with chatbots and automated emails it is easy for you to run the vast majority of your customer service virtually with little human input. However, there are times when customers need more help than they can get via these methods, and when that happens, they really hate it when they can not easily get in touch with a live human. It is frustrating and annoying and it will make them think less of you as a company. So, do make sure you can always be reached via phone, email, or live chat when there is a need to do so.

2. Not knowing your stuff

If your employees do not know everything three is to know about the products snd services you are selling, especially if they are of a technical nature, this will really annoy those costumes who need help. When it comes to SaaS Customer Success in particular. This is a really important point, and that is why you should be training any and all employees who may interact with customers, on every aspect of your products as standard. It will pay off in better reviews and greater customer satisfaction levels, not to mention repeat purchases.

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3. Rude employees

This is probably not that surprising, but if your employees are rude, act superior or talk down to your customers, then they are not going to be very happy. Even if they do need help with various aspects of your products and services, it does not mean that they are stupid or need to be talked to like a child, nor do they need you to be rude and dismissive to them. Hopefully, this is an obvious point but it is definitely worth mentioning ss customers really hate this.

4. Missing contact information

If your customers cannot find a way to contact you, then obviously they are not going to be happy if something goes wrong or they need a little help. Your contact information should be front and center on your website as standard. The easier you make life for your customers, the happier they will be, and the more likely it is that they will go on to make repeat purchases in the future.

5. People who cannot go off script

If your customers contact your customer service team with s problem and they end up going astound and around in circles simply because the agent they are speaking to is not able to go off-script and use their common sense to try and deal with said issues, then you are going to end up with angry customers who will not think highly of your company, Give your staff the power to make decisions for themselves and you will all benefit as a result.

6. Poorly performing website

If your website looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes; if it is difficult to navigate and impossible to find what you are looking for, let alone pay for the products you want to buy, should you be able to get that fast, then your costumes are not going to be happy, and what’s more, they might well end up going to a competitor’s website that they can navigate quickly instead. Good web design is a must in 2022 and if you fail in this one area, you will lose a whole lot of business.

These are things that most customers really do not like to encounter when they are interacting with a company, so if your business is guilty of doing any of them it is definitely going to be worthwhile for you to phase them out and bring in measures that are more likely to lead to high levels of customer happiness in the future.

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