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6 Tips on Improving Cyber Security for Small Businesses


The internet has come a long way in the past 20-years. While the internet serves businesses in so many positive ways, it can also be a dangerous place. It’s a vast expanse of opportunity but it’s also riddled with boobie-traps, such as malware, Trojans, viruses, phishing scams, and more. 

Whether you’re an up-and-coming business or a well-established enterprise, check out these important tips for improving cybersecurity in today’s day and age. 

1. Improving Cyber Security Means Two-Factor Authentication

What exactly is authentication? This is a fancy word term for securing your accounts. A strong password for email accounts, zip files, etc. is imperative. But rather than having just one layer of security, it’s best to have two-factor authentication in place, if not multiple-factor authentication. 

If a hacker tries to access one of your accounts, this means they will have to get through not one layer of security, but two, or even multiple. Good examples of two-factor authentication include a password and verifying SMS, a password and a security question, or a password and push notification. 

2. Always Think Before You Click 

Nowadays, spam emails and phishing scams have come to look legitimate. But just because a link looks clickable, doesn’t mean you should open it, especially if it’s contained in an email.

Always think before you click and assess the source of the link. Encourage your employees to apply this critical thinking too, especially with regards to their email accounts.

3. Don’t Neglect Software and Security Updates 

You know those annoying update notifications that keep popping up? They really shouldn’t be avoided. Keeping your software and security up-to-date is one of the best ways of improving cybersecurity.

Regular updates ensure your computer is protected from malware and viruses. It also means your PC runs faster, connects to the internet better, and serves you as it should. Find out more here about updating your internet connection to better serve your cybersecurity and business. 

4. Know What Phishing Scams Look Like 

Billions of fake emails are sent across the globe on a daily basis. Email phishing poses one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to businesses. It’s important for businesses and employees to know what phishing scams look like. 

Be extra vigilant about emails sent from a foreign or unfamiliar address. Look out for spelling and grammar errors — they may be subtle, but they’re a dead giveaway. There are usually inconsistencies within a phishing email that looks suspicious, too. Hover over links within the email to verify or assess its destination. 

If anything seems suspicious, do not respond or click on any links whatsoever. 

5. Regularly Back-Up Your Business Data

The end-goal for many hackers is not to steal your business data, but to encrypt or erase it so that you can’t use it either. The best way to protect against this threat is to back-up your business data on a regular basis. It’s important to back-up data on a physical location, as well as in the cloud. 

6. Always Delete Unused Accounts

If you are not using a particular email account, remember to delete it. Old accounts and old credentials are a good way for hackers to gain access to your network.

You may have transitioned from an old to a new system, or transitioned through different employees. Make sure to delete all their accounts and information to keep your network extra secure. 

Build-Up Your Tech Knowledge and Protect What’s Yours 

By continually learning about the latest tech threats and improving cybersecurity you can stay on top of the safety of your business. This way you can protect the information that’s rightfully yours. 

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