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6 Top Viral Videos of 2014

by Fahad Saleem

6 Top Viral Videos of 2014

With smartphones and cameras at our disposal, it’s like all hell breaking loose on the internet. We get interesting, breathtaking and viral content and videos daily  in our social media feeds. It’s always hard to rate the best viral videos, especially when we are talking about a complete year. 2014 saw a massive outbreak or viral videos. Here are some of the best viral videos of 2014 your must check out before the year ends.

Gangnam Style Dance

This is by far the most viral video on YouTube that contains an amazing dance by the South Korean musician Psy. The song’s music video has been viewed over 2 billion times on YouTube. The video has influenced the dancing culture worldwide. It is used for live performance in various concerts. This song has topped the music charts of more than 30 countries.

Devil Baby Attack

This viral video is related to the advertisement campaign for the horror movie Devil’s Due. It is about a helpless little boy that frightens the New York people with his sudden sitting stance. He has been programmed to move around the city in a baby stroller. He suddenly gets up as he sees any person near him, frightening him to a great extent.

Cat Saves Child from the Brutal Attack by Dog

This video shows how a cat kept as a pet saves a child from a brutal attack of a dog. The child was riding his cycle, when he was seen as a prey by a wandering dog. The dangerous dog comes around the child and starts making child his food. However, the cat saves the child by attacking the dog in the nick of time. The dog runs away soon afterwards. This video gives a moral lesson that pets are always loyal to you even in front of dangerous enemies stronger than their own capabilities.

Train Driver Kicks Selfie-Taking Young Guy

This video shows a foolish guy who is trying to take a Selfie near the track of train. He risked his life quite a lot. There was no point taking a Selfie so close to the train passing by. Thankfully, he didn’t get hit by the train. Otherwise, it would have been a really terrible incident. However, he was kicked by the train driver. Perhaps, the train driver kicked him to give him a lesson and also to put him away from the train to save his life. This video shows that taking selfies has really become a mental disorder now and it should be controlled.

Special Tribute to Philip Hughes

This video is about an Australian cricket player who died recently due to a severe blow on the back of his head while playing a bouncer. He was playing domestic cricket season and as a result of the shock, he couldn’t recover. This video pays tribute to Philip Hughes by showing some of his significant contributions to the Australian cricket. The video also shows some light moments shared by Australian players with Hughes.

Hilarious Video of Cats

This video contains the compilation of the hilarious moments recorded for the cats. You will really enjoy their innocent feats and acts. This video is nothing less than a pure laughing gag.

This is just a short list of videos that captivated the eyes of viewers. You can explore video sharing forums for more interesting and viral videos of 2014.


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